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Chic brown-blue makeup: a lesson with photos

In this workshop we will perform a chic brown-blue make-up, which looks very impressive in contrast. This gorgeous makeup is suitable for any eye color, which makes it universal. A simple step-by-step lesson with a photo will help to recreate this beauty.

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To perform a gorgeous brown-blue makeup you will need:

  • palette of blue and blue shadows;
  • gray-brown eyeliner;
  • brown shadows in light and dark shades;
  • black eyeliner;
  • ink;
  • makeup brushes.

The lesson of brown-blue makeup with step by step photos

In order for the color to appear as it should, you need to make a high-quality substrate. Be sure to apply a thin layer of tonal base after a special base under the shadow. This will make the makeup more resistant. It is not necessary to put light shadows to fix the tone. It is better to use a primer or cream shadows, so that the shadows are overlaid with a thick layer.

Make-up let's start with the study of the mobile age and work only up to the top fold. Apply the shadow of the outer corner of the ciliary row. First, use the darkest blue shade and put a wide arrow from the corner to the pupil. We hold a flat brush at an acute angle and draw the color along the eyelid.

Making the transition to the next color, affecting the previous one. We keep the slanting line to the end and continue to perform the gradient with lighter shades to the innermost corner. Try to keep the upper border clear.

Next, we will make the substrate for the brown color with a gray-brown pencil. It is used to draw pencil details and that is why it must be medium in hardness so that it can be well shaded.

The pencil should be sharpened and cut around the upper border in the crease along the outline of the shading. Then bring the lower eyelid and connect with the upper in the form of a petal, a corner of which will be slightly higher than the present.

Flat brush blend pencil detail. Pre-apply the pencil on the brush. From the top fold, extinguish the pencil upwards, and the lower eyelid to the ear. The shading will increase by approximately 0.5-0.7 cm. Cover the edge with light shadows to continue to work with dry shadows.

First, in a pencil shade we apply a light brown shade. Better to do it with a fluffy brush. Observe the shape of a pencil.

As we approach the border with the blue color, we first work through the fold zone. Apply a dark brown color against the blue. This layer will be dense, and then blend it into light brown. At the same time we keep the original form.

Under the eyebrow, apply a matte light shade. This may be a light mother of pearl, but with a very delicate shine, so that there is no search in makeup.

Make makeup more clear and graphic using a black eyeliner. We carry it with a thin brush from the inner corner and repeat the shape of the eyelid, bend the outer part and finish drawing the arrow.

Tint eyelashes.