5 signs of the zodiac that will find a new love in 2019

Astrologers have already begun to reveal to us the secrets of the future. They said that for many zodiac signs the Year of the Pig will pass in a positive way, since the Pig is kind and sociable by its nature, ready to make concessions and give a lot of joy. Therefore, someone will get rich, someone will move, and someone will meet the love of his life. Want to know if you will be lucky in love next year? It turns out that astrologers have identified 5 zodiac signs, which will find a new love in 2019.

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Zodiac signs that will find new love in 2019

1. Taurus

Have you long dreamed of a great love? In 2019, she will definitely knock on your door. Passion will absorb you in its depths, which will surprise even you, since the Taurus is naturally restrained in his feelings. But in the Year of the Pig you just burst through. The whole world will turn over next to the beloved person, whom, by the way, you can meet under rather trivial circumstances - they will ask you the way and you will be on the way. As a result, you will spend the evening together, and by the end of the year you will live in another city or country, since your love is a visiting person.

Perfect compatibility in 2019 with Cancer, and incompatibility with Aquarius.

2. Twins

You will be extremely happy, because the summer of 2019 will give you a lot of pleasant events. First, you will be able to go on a trip to the beautiful places that you have long dreamed of, and second, to meet your soul mate. Your romance will be stormy and very passionate. You will find yourself as if in a good fairy tale, full of love and miracles, with a happy ending - a wedding is expected in the fall. After which you will be able to start writing your book with a happy life together with the second half.

Perfect compatibility in 2019 with Pisces, and incompatibility with Cancer.

3. Virgo

Have you dreamed of finding your love? And in 2019, the higher forces heard you and decided to fulfill your desire. The main thing is not to ignore the signs that fate gives you - do not push away new acquaintances, one of them is sent to you to make you happy. You do not have to start a serious relationship right away, give yourself time to love the one who is next to you, and he has to reveal his soul to you, so that you finally realize that this is the one you dreamed about for so long.

Perfect compatibility in 2019with Leo, and incompatibility with Aries.

4. Scorpio

Dear Scorpions, astrologers have great news - your summer will be filled with romantic acquaintances. And there is a high probability that you will fall in love like in your youth, forgetting about your obligations, work and betrayal of your loved one. After all, it was precisely this that caused your distrust of those who sincerely love and value you? You will finally understand that your life depends not only on you, the fate of the main thing and itself is decided, moreover, very well. It is also likely that at the end of 2019 you will marry.

Perfect compatibility in 2019 with Capricorn, and incompatibility - with Aries.

5. Capricorn

You will be able to meet your love, but on one condition that you finally begin to trust other people. As soon as you get rid of the frames you created, others will see you as real. This will be the impetus for the recognition of your feelings. Much love will overwhelm you in early May and she will be for life. With a loved one, you will feel you need not for something, but in spite of.

Perfect compatibility in 2019 with Scorpio, and incompatibility with Sagittarius.

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Astrologers listed only 5 characters, which 2019 will make happy with love, but this does not mean that other zodiac signs will spend this time alone. No no and one more time no. It’s just that they can come to the fore work, money or other branches of life that will bring them no less happiness than this “five” love.