10 phrases that will preserve and improve your relationship

Everyone knows the saying that "the word is not a sparrow: it will fly out - you will not catch it." And there is. The word can hurt, the word can support. And how often do we offend dear and close people with our statements? Often. But finding the right word to change everything is very difficult. But you can try. There are words and phrases that can save a relationship or marriage much faster and better than a series of complex actions.

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Phrases that preserve and improve your relationship

  1. I respect you. I thank you. Many tend to focus on the mistakes and shortcomings of the second half, constantly pointing out to her. This is a big mistake. It is better to keep silent when a person made a mistake, but to express gratitude for his help and support, he would like to become even better. After all, when a person knows that his actions delight a loved one, he will want to repeat them again and again. However, it is very important to specify why you are grateful to him, for example, say: “I am grateful to you for helping our children with lessons when I was sick” or “I understand that you need to work a lot to ensure our family” . In a word, focus on the positive actions of your loved one.
  2. We are so good together. If work and children completely absorb all your time, then most likely you are rarely alone with your loved one. However, without this in any way, otherwise the alliance may break on a ship called “Life”, full of worries and troubles. But there is an ideal way to keep a spark in a relationship - it’s just being always together. Let you have a special ritual, for example, an evening walk with the children, where you go with your whole family and play snowballs, ride down a hill and just have fun. After the children are laid, remind them of the evening indulgence: “How nice it was for the two of us today,” surely after such a recollection the evening will no longer be languid.
  3. Sorry. Many couples do not say to each other this simple and very capacious word. If you hurt your partner, find out if this is so. The word “sorry” demonstrates humility, sincerity and vulnerability, qualities that are crucial for emotional intimacy.
  4. Let's discuss where we were wrong, and fix everything for the sake of our love. Do you continue to pout or remain silent for a long time after a quarrel? Instead of taking a passive-aggressive stance, it is better to use the above phrase. With its help, you will show that you are ready to work on the current situation and move forward as soon as possible. It is also important to show that you are ready to always forgive and solve the problem, as you are a team.
  5. I love you for what you are. The main thing is to say this phrase sincerely. Your partner may be upset, disappointed or offended, suffer in silence or be outraged with might and main, but these words will ease the pressure hanging over him. After all, he knows that you accept him as such, what he is, you love him for what he is, you value him for his character traits. This will increase his self-esteem and make him feel closer to you.
  6. I love you. This is a very simple phrase that many of us forget to tell our other half. We say it only on special occasions - a birthday, anniversary, wedding anniversary or other celebration. But these words need to be spoken every time and for no reason. Knowing that you love soothes and makes us better.
  7. I'm proud of you. When your partner has achieved excellent results in something, tell him how proud you are of him. It will make him feel loved and important to you. For self-esteem, there is nothing more important than knowing how much the partner is respecting, appreciating and admiring the partner with the second half.
  8. I will stay with you always. This is one of the easiest ways to express your affection for your partner and your relationship. Recalling your soulmate that you are on his side, especially during difficult and difficult periods for him, you strengthen your connection and make him feel more confident in your relationship.
  9. I want you. Many couples complain that they lack passion in relationships, but for some reason they are ashamed to express their desire for each other. It is important for your partner to know how he attracts you.
  10. We will solve everything. This offer is a guarantee that your partner is safe, because you are ready to divide all difficulties in half. It is not about you becoming a person for him who decides any mistakes he makes, such as losing a game of chance. No and no again. You will help him in a difficult situation, but not in the one he intentionally got into.

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All these phrases have magical properties, but on one condition that they are pronounced with the soul. If you sincerely want to be together, then you should weigh not only your actions in relation to the second half, but also every word spoken.