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Graphic make-up with green shadows for blue eyes: a lesson step by step with a photo

Today we will perform an unusual makeup with clear boundaries. This is an interpretation of the broad arrow that fills the entire mobile eyelid. We just do the arrow not in strictly black, but with a gradient in green. See the graphic makeup tutorial with green shadows with step by step photos.

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To create graphic makeup with green shadows we need:

• black eyeliner;

• light green and green shadows;

• black shadows;

• black kayal;

• mascara;

• brushes.

Graphic makeup tutorial with green shadows with step by step photos

This kind of makeup will not suit the owners of the impending century, as the arrow will simply not be visible. Also, if you have a very large fixed eyelid, then this makeup can visually highlight it even more.

Before performing the make-up, put in order the skin of the face. Be sure to clean it with a special tonic and apply the base on the face and a special eyelid on the skin. Slightly brush in the tone and fix with powder.

Let's start makeup with drawing arrows. Using the same method, you can draw arrows thinner if you find it difficult to immediately impose the desired thickness and set the direction.

First, we indicate the direction of the arrow to the temple. This line will continue the line of the lower eyelid.

Next, with the help of eyeliner we take the top part into the fold. Just this line and sets the width of the arrow. It should go smoothly into the fold between the mobile and fixed eyelids.

We continue the line of the lower arrow along the lower ciliary row. If you draw it correctly, the bottom liner line will go away smoothly and strictly repeat the bend.

Fill the color to the middle of the upper eyelid. The transition needs to be erased and the angle of shading will be about 45 degrees.

We cover the middle of the mobile century with green shadows. At the same time we go beyond the border of the black liner. We work strictly in the border of the drawn arrow. For this makeup, you can pick up absolutely any color of the shadows.

We put a light lime shade in the corner and mix it with green on the moving eyelid to make a smooth transition from color to color.

Black eyeliner must be fixed with a dry texture. We impose black shadows in the same way as the eyeliner shading. Mix the green and black shadow layer. If necessary, add green shadows again, if there are too many black ones.

Also we can not disregard the lower eyelid. We let him down a bit with black liner. Now you need to make it more beautiful and richer. Black kayal stain the mucous and intercellular row. Immediately see how the eye was transformed into a cat.

We make the upper ciliary row more intense with the black arrow. We carry the brush with the eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye and just take it to the black shading.