5 "forgive" you should never tell a man

If you ask for forgiveness for everything that you do - this is the norm for you, this is a psychological problem. Of course, you need to apologize, but if you do it often, it means that you are constantly making excuses for your choice. In a word, constant apologies are indecisive, men like self-confident women, so it’s better to replace the phrase “Sorry” by “I’m sorry ...” Besides, for some things you shouldn’t apologize at all. Here we will talk about them.

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5 “forgive” you should never tell a man

"Sorry, I have to work.". Why are you apologizing for this situation? For having obligations? For the fact that you have a different life, and not just a man - the center of the universe, for which you have to give up everything and everyone? No no and one more time no. No apologies. Your work is your choice, and no one has the right to point out that it is wrong. In addition, a working woman simply cannot apologize for taking care of herself. Therefore, instead of an apology, it is better to say this: “Today our meeting will not take place, because I work.” And no more explanation.

"Sorry, I don't look the best today." You do not have to apologize to a man for his unpresentable appearance. Moreover, most often the fact that you look terrible, was invented by you. Guys do not even notice such trifles as indistinct colored arrows or make-up bruises under the eyes. Of course, if your hair can be braided in thick braids under your arms and legs, and your face resembles chewing paper, then most likely they will pay attention to this. But on the other hand, many of them in life look like homeless people who have just crawled out of their favorite box-house, and nothing - they are loved, cared for and cherished. And in general, maybe you have reasons why you are in this form, and they do not concern anyone.

"Sorry, but I want to be alone." It is necessary for everyone to be on his own with his own thoughts, therefore, it is not worth asking for forgiveness for the fact that you have a period of loneliness. Moreover, men also love to sit without you with their best friend - TV, which broadcasts a football match. And try to say only a word against it. There will be no limit to outrage: “After all, this is football!” So no explanation or apology is just a statement of fact: “Today I spend time with myself. If someone doesn’t like it, it’s not my fault. ”

"Forgive me for my behavior." Of course, if you are constantly late or rude to others, and maybe you are yelling or throwing things, then it is terrible. Not everyone can tolerate this. But if, for example, you write down everything and put up reminders for yourself, then you shouldn’t apologize for it, because it’s your personality. And for her forgiveness is not being asked.

"Forgive me, but today I am not ready for sex, as I have critical days." Stop! How can you apologize for the fact that once a month you suffer from painful spasms and bleeding, because in a different way mother nature would not give you the opportunity to become pregnant and have children, such men who dare to blame for the lack of closeness on these days ". This is completely absurd! Therefore, no words of forgiveness. If a guy doesn't like something, then why do you need him like that?

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Let us, dear eternally apologizing girls, show self-esteem and stop apologizing for what you are not guilty of. Moreover, this should not be done in front of those who would never apologize to you, even if you deserve it.