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The best natural toothpastes for adults with fluoride without, rating

Nothing less, and 160 positions of natural toothpastes for adults without fluoride are offered to Iherb buyers. This product is specific, so each buyer tries to choose the best option. Question: what to focus on? Not all of our dentists bother with researching the online market, which is why they often recommend brands that pay interest on sales. Having set ourselves the goal of identifying the best natural toothpaste without fluoride, we have compiled a rating of ten positions ourselves, according to estimates and feedback from users of The information is objective, supplemented by a brief description and current prices.

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Top toothpaste for adults without fluoride from

1 place. Now Foods, XyliWhite and Mint

Thanks to its natural composition, excellent properties and affordability, American pasta-gel has become a favorite in the families of many of our compatriots. The basis - xylitol enhanced concentration (25%), oil of mint and tea tree. Does not contain fluorine, SLS, parabens and dyes.

In the reviews, users note a delicate, but high-quality cleansing, pleasant taste (without burning), economical consumption. Occasionally there are grievances with whitening properties.

Price - $ 3.95.

2nd place. Weleda, salt toothpaste

The slogan of the manufacturer: "Natural protection and care for the teeth." The main component is sea salt. Works in conjunction with plant extracts and essential oils. The tool prevents the change of color of enamel, protects against caries, heals wounds on the gums, freshens breath.

User comments are extremely enthusiastic. People like the first-class gentle cleansing (abrasive index = 15), the absolute absence of harmful substances in the composition, and the soft salty taste. True, some confuse the value indicator.

The price is $ 6.14.

3rd place. Jason Natural, PowerSmile

Features: ultra-powerful bleaching and the most interesting composition. In this paste, even the natural sweetener is stevia. A dazzling smile provides a mix of soda, bamboo powder and calcium carbonate. Vanilla and peppermint are responsible for the breath freshness.

The people are pleased. It is said that the lightening effect is really noticeable, in addition, the condition of the gums is significantly improved (stop bleeding).

Price - $ 3.82.

4th place. Auromere, Ayurvedic Herbal Toothpaste

The composition combines extracts and oils of 24 plants. The most important components: him, Indian licorice, cinnamon, eucalyptus, mint. Superb strengthens gums, refreshes breath for a long time, perfectly removes plaque, whitens.

In the reviews there are complaints about a specific taste, reminiscent of dirt rather than licorice. Some people are not satisfied with the effect. But 93 out of 100 users give the Ayurvedic product the highest score.

Price - $ 5.36.

5th place. Nature's Answer, Cinnamon PerioBrite (Whitening)

Cleans "to squeak." In addition, protects against the action of microbes, treats gums, freshens breath. Contains xylitol, folic acid, famous coenzyme Q-10, extracts of 14 plants.

Consumers often focus precisely on remarkable cleaning properties. Attention, the owners of sensitive gums product may not be suitable.

Price - $ 2.53.

6th place. Himalaya, Botanique (him and pomegranate)

In addition to the ingredients stated in the name, it also contains triphal extract and xylitol.

In reviews, the product is praised without enthusiasm, but stable. People write that you should not expect any special miracles from Botanique, but it cleans immaculately and maintains good oral hygiene.

The price is $ 3.99.

7th place. Eco-Dent, ExtraBrite effervescent tooth powder

From the title it is clear that the tool should provide a dazzling smile. Sea salt, soda and other mineral compounds are responsible for the stated effect. In parallel, the powder cares for the gums, maintains the freshness of breath.

According to users, the effect is not that “Extra”, but is really noticeable after about two weeks with regular and proper care. Attention, has a powerful oxidizing effect, can provoke a hypersensitivity of the gums.

Price - $ 7.68.

8th place. Nature's Gate, natural toothpaste (mint flavor)

“Smile confidently,” recommends the brand. For its part, it offers a 97% natural composition containing soda, extracts of aloe, ginger, grape seed, white tea and other plants.

In reviews, the product is rated stably good, but not excellent. Among the benefits are called cleaning, bleaching and refreshing properties. Cons: liquid consistency, wasteful spending, irritation of sensitive enamel.

Price - $ 4.70.

9th place. Desert Essence, tea tree and him

Not bad cleans, helps to cope with bleeding gums. But the manufacturer is cunning, reporting on the organic composition. In this paste is coconut sodium, which is comparable to the harmful effects of SLS.

The price is $ 5.59.

10th place. Xlear, Spry (with xylitol and peppermint)

Absolutely harmless composition not only removes plaque, but also creates a protective film that prevents the activity of pathogenic bacteria in the mouth and the formation of tartar.

Distinctive characteristics: pleasantly thick, fragrant, thoroughly cleans the enamel. Two nuances that not all consumers like: a burning sensation and a “roof-breaking” fragrance.

The price is $ 4.79.

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We sincerely hope that the presented rating of the best natural toothpastes without fluoride will help choose the appropriate option for those who care about health. Many products are sold not only on Iherb, but also in pharmacies.