The 3 poorest zodiac signs in 2019

Who in the future 365 days should conduct their business extremely reasonably and thoughtfully? For whom the care of money may be more relevant than usual? There are such signs. For each of them, the financial situation is individual and, although nothing catastrophic for one of them is foreseen, they are definitely not recommended to ignore the difficulties encountered. The analysis shows that it is necessary to distinguish 3 signs, which can be called the poorest signs of the zodiac in 2019.

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Money and Sagittarius

There are 3 main points about which the Archers in 2019 should be remembered firmly.

First: their incomes are likely to be uneven. Their instability can be expressed in various aspects - in lost profits (fees, etc.), late payment of wages, etc. In addition, Strelets Troops may lose part of their income sources. Saturn is responsible for all these questions, and since throughout the year the planet will be in the 2nd house, its influence will prove to be just that. It can be minimized in the only way - not to hope for "easy money", but to work with full responsibility and perseverance. Such an attitude to making money Saturn "like", and therefore Sagittarius, who force themselves to act that way, can count on a gradual leveling of the situation. By the way, this is indicated by Jupiter in conjunction (all year), which allows us to predict that a difficult period will necessarily end with a worthy financial reward.

The second: from mid-April until the end of September, it is undesirable for Strelets to undertake undertakings (and participate in foreign projects), which will require significant material and monetary investments. And from April 10 to mid-August, there should be no new business at all that is related to finance. Jupiter warns about this, which will be retrograde at that time.

Third: Sagittarius will have (regardless of whether they feel the need or desire of this) to reconsider the balance between their attitudes and real material well-being. Inevitably, Pluto in Capricorn will inevitably push them to this, who will be in the 2nd house all year. And such “pushing” can be expressed in circumstances that will cause thoughts of possible poverty, doubts in personal ability to solve all the necessary financial problems, etc. And Strelets will have to either rethink their attitude towards sources of income, or start to relate differently to their own needs in the material sphere.

The poorest signs of the zodiac in 2019: Raki

The keynote for the majority of Rakovs in the coming year will be the idea that they are catastrophically unable to cope with their financial affairs. Problems may arise due to some payments, work duties, purchases, etc. All this will primarily be due to the influence of Saturn, who is in opposition. But it can manifest itself in additional costs (tariffs, etc.), then in adverse circumstances that impede the implementation of certain actions, now in banal physical fatigue, which reduces productivity. And the most acutely Cancers will feel it at the end of the year, when Jupiter will also be in opposition. But in the second half of the summer, on the contrary, they will have a desire to do something audacious to decisively cut the Gordian knot of financial misunderstandings. Mars will be pushing them in the 2nd house and listening to his call is both possible and necessary.

Throughout the year, representatives of the constellation of Cancer are advised to minimize real estate and investment operations. In addition, it is undesirable for them to lend money or material resources.

In August, many Rakovs will have an urgent need to make purchases. And here we are talking not about everyday trifles, but about something expensive, valuable. Just take and spend the required amount of Cancers are unlikely to. And, if the difficulties with money really turn out to be significant, then one should not get into excessive debts due to the new acquisition. However, if it is possible to find the required funds, then it is not necessary to deny yourself it, because in the future it will turn out that it can bring a considerable profit to Cancers.

The financial situation of the Twins

For almost the entire year, up to and including November, Gemini will be affected by Jupiter in opposition. This transit carries moments - and even periods - of financial instability. It can manifest itself in a variety of things (depending on individual circumstances). Someone from the Twins will face someone else's insolvency, someone will not receive the fee or premium. In addition, there may be risks of losses when making major purchases or sales. However, if the Twins decide to make some valuable acquisition in July, then there is no doubt about its success. At this time, they will be under the protection of Venus, which favors bargains.

Twins, who are leading some kind of joint (with business partners, etc.) projects, should be ready for change. This is indicated by Pluto, who will be in the 8th house all year. In this case, the cause of change will not be themselves, but someone from those with whom they will have to deal. Those. This will be associated with a change in the financial situation already alien. An important element in this case is the element of unpredictability, since the changes here can have both positive and negative “coloring”.

But Uranus sextile (from January to September inclusive) allows us to predict a number of processes that will definitely affect the welfare of Gemini positively. They are very likely to touch upon either raising their social status, or stabilizing or strengthening their social position. Moreover, it will happen unexpectedly, and may not be directly related to the circumstances in which the Twins will find themselves at that moment.

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In general, everything is not so bad. It is obvious that, although certain financial difficulties in the life of some representatives of the zodiacal circle may arise, however, any problems will be solved. And therefore it is more correct to say that in 2019 there are no really poor signs of the zodiac, but there are signs that will have to devote a little more time to money than the rest.