5 ways to understand whether a guy is free without asking him about it

Which of the girls did not start holiday romance on vacation? Most likely, there are none. Moreover, all male vacationers are usually single, at least they say so. But whether to believe them or better still check? Moreover, there are 5 effective ways to understand whether a guy is free without asking him about it. By the way, they work not only on vacation, but also in everyday life, so you can certainly find out whether he has a relationship or his place is vacant girl.

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How to understand if a guy is free without asking him about it

Be attentive to details. First, study the ring finger of his right hand, perhaps there will be a place from the wedding ring. Perhaps, he has a tattoo with a female name (of course, it may be the name of the mother, but this is unlikely) or other signs of the presence in his life of the woman he loved.

Check social networks. This is one of the easiest ways to find out if a guy has a second half. View his photos, if he is always with them with the same girl, then, most likely, the man is not free, read the comments and jokes of friends under the photo, they can also tell a lot. Of course, there are guys who do not like to show off their personal lives. In this case, look through the pages of his friends, they may have photos with him and his second half. Just keep yourself in hand - do not put likes, and especially do not write comments. A guy might think you are following him.

Random questions. Cunning is your main weapon to find out what's going on in his personal life. Try to ask with the utmost carelessness, emphasizing questions on general topics, but finding out the information you need. For example, ask him how he spends his summer, where he likes to relax on weekends, etc. He can not mention his beloved, if she, of course, is. Perhaps, in a conversation, he will repeat the female name several times, or he will start the phrase “... we are with ma ... (...)”, and then he will stop, fearing to continue with “the kid (wife)”.

Poll friends. It is quite difficult to understand a person who is fidgety, but his friends can tell a lot about him. You can ask them directly or start from afar, any option is good. Initially, the joke will help: “Oh, where was your friend going, so handsome, for a date or something?” There is a high probability that the answer will be positive. Just do not try to attack his friends with questions, because the guys are still those gossips, it is not known how the person you liked will react to this. But, on the other hand, if he is free, a conversation with his friend can be an excellent option to attract his attention to you. Stick to the golden mean.

Snooping. It is noticed that single men more often look at women than those who already have a soul mate. Of course, there are ladies' ladies who do not miss a single skirt. But, if you notice that the guy is looking at you with interest, and, moreover, eye contact is long, not short glances, then this is a sign that he likes you and, most likely, he is free (many men still fear that he will a woman, and therefore try not to climb on the rampage).

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Perhaps these tips will help you not to do something stupid, because ignorance can be a reason to be rejected by a man. But, even if you find out that he is not free, do not despair. Keep calm and please do not try to divert him from the second half. It will not bring to the good.