5 signals that he is not good enough for you

If true love exists, what should it be? It is difficult to answer this question clearly, but it is safe to say what you need to pay attention to in order to understand whether your partner has feelings for you or your relationship is built on one intimate connection and does not bind you anymore. Does he support you, seeks to make you better, is he interested in your life? Not? Then why sacrifice yourself to be temporarily together? Maybe it’s better, before it’s too late, to dot the ё and break with such a man?

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Signals that a man is not good enough for you

He does not support you in your endeavors. You decided to go on a diet or go to the gym, and maybe get a second degree or a driver's license. And they said this to his man, to which he reacted with indifference or, worse, ridiculed your idea. Like, “a woman driving, that a monkey with a grenade”, “you will become a beauty, having walked into a gym, will be stolen, so you better stay at home” and stuff like that. What can I say to this? He is not your second half, because a loved one must support the aspiration of his woman to be more beautiful, smarter, more successful, and not to make fun of her impulses.

He is against your intellectual development. To strive to make each other better is the norm for loving people, including intellectually. If your man believes that the housewife does not need courses, for example, marketing or language, then he is worth a penny. There is only one conclusion - he is satisfied with everything, and it is possible that he is afraid that his woman will be able to achieve something in life more than he.

He never criticizes you. Perhaps you decide that he likes everything in you, because you are his favorite woman in the world? Of course, this option is also likely, but quite often the man does not criticize the statements of his second half, because he does not know anything about her or does not want to know anything. How often do you talk to him and what? Perhaps he is too focused on himself to listen to you, moreover, carefully. Therefore, he does not argue.

He does not encourage you to grow professionally. A person who is not pushing his soul mate to professional growth is likely to be a retrograde special person, fearful of the success of his partner, who may begin to suppress his freedom in any way. For example, if you become a boss, you will not be able to take a child out of kindergarten due to constant employment, and he will have to do this. Or the second option - he simply doesn’t care what happens to his beloved woman; he is not interested in her career.

He does not plan a common future with you. Without long-running projects, life may be easier, because a man does not need to tear his soul to achieve something. But, on the other hand, if you want to have common goals, you should think about why your other half is not interested in them. Perhaps you are temporary in his life, but there is a constant partner in which he is ready to believe and invest his strength and emotions, in a word, plan his future with her.

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So, if your man does not do anything to make you better - emotionally, intellectually, externally, then maybe it is better to let him go on all four sides. And to do the search for the one who is ready to go with you to the fire and the water, to the gym and to language courses.