5 richest signs of the zodiac in 2019


Whether we like it or not, money plays a significant role in our life. At the same time, our well-being is by no means a stable quantity, we have to take care of it tirelessly, seeking more and more new means and ways to maintain and improve it. Someone is doing better, someone is worse ... And why? Because for financial matters you should be able to choose the right moments. For the future 365 days, stars predict greater monetary fortune for representatives of several zodiacal constellations. There are five of them. These are the richest signs of the zodiac, which from 2019 will be able to extract maximum benefit for themselves.

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The richest signs of the zodiac in 2019: Scorpio

Next year may be for the representatives of this constellation a turning point, from which the growth of their future well-being will begin. The opportunities that Jupiter’s stay in 2nd house until December will provide for them will expand financial horizons and lay an excellent basis for further material prosperity. Moreover, Saturn in sextile will give them the location of influential people and authorities. The main thing is that each of the Scorpions really want to use this potential. The only restriction for them will be associated with the start of the implementation of new projects. From the middle of spring and until August 10, it is better to do old things, and to start new ones either before this time or starting from late summer.

Next year, many Scorpios will have the chance to make a major profitable acquisition. This could be, say, real estate, antiques or an expensive car. Its cost will be so attractive that it will simply be impossible to pass by. Yes, and do not need! Even if there is not enough money to buy at that moment, you can safely decide on a loan. Return the Scorpions will be able to safely. The purchase they make will in the long run bring them considerable profit.

In addition, people of this sign can count on the appearance of additional sources of income or on an increase in income at the main place of work. Moreover, even if the leadership will not rush to increase their salary, but the Scorpions themselves will come to the conclusion that they deserve this, they should not hesitate to declare their financial claims.

Financial luck for Taurus

2019 for Taurus is a wonderful time for the development of their professional talents, since it is precisely this factor that will be decisive in this period for improving their financial situation. Saturn in the trine will definitely contribute to this. True, here you need to understand what exactly is the beneficial effect of this planet. Saturn is harsh and does not distribute its benefits just like that. Therefore, Tauruses need this year to set themselves up on the fact that they may have to work, "not out of fear, but out of conscience." And the responsibility is likely to fall on them considerable. But, as they say, it is worth it, because the results of these efforts will prove to be truly impressive.

Throughout June, Taurus will feel the influence of Venus, which at this time will be in the 2nd house. It can be expressed in a new perspective acquaintance, which later will come in handy when solving some financial issues. Or Taurus will make a successful acquisition; in the future, it will directly or indirectly contribute to the solution of monetary issues. However, it is possible that some of the representatives of this sign will simply receive a prize in June or something like that. An unprepared - and rather large - sum of money can be donated to Taurus by a favorable Jupiter, which is located for almost the whole year (until December) in the 8th house.

From April 10 to mid-August, Taurus is not recommended to start new financial projects and not to make significant financial transactions. In these few months, the emphasis is recommended on ordinary (already ongoing) cases. In addition, in the 2nd half of spring, it is advisable for them to spend money wisely and, if possible, economically, otherwise Mars in the 2nd house may put Taurus in a difficult position during this period.

Financial lucky Virgo

For Virgins, 2019 should be a time to monetize your own talents. To this they will be persistently pushing Saturn in the trine. But it should be understood that Saturn does not welcome the desire for "easy" success and irresponsibility. That is why Virgos must approach seriously and thoughtfully to the point of application of their talents. To squander oneself on trifles and to be lazy is strongly not recommended. The correct approach to professional realization will give representatives of this sign more than they can imagine. The foundation laid in 2019 will be an excellent source of new and new improvements in their well-being.

Virgo is desirable to be extremely selective in assessing the prospects of cash investments. This concerns everything - status acquisitions (brand accessories, etc.), spending on the implementation of some personal projects, etc. In most cases, it turns out that these expenses could not have been made, since expensive purchases would not produce the proper impression, and the necessary purchases, as it turns out, could have been made elsewhere for less money. In short, Virgo is recommended less pathos and more zealousness. This is clearly indicated by Jupiter in quadrature. And only at the end of the year (in December), when this planet will be in a trine, Virgos can afford frivolous spending. By the way, this can be very useful, since the New Year holidays will be ahead.

The richest signs in 2019: Leo

During this period, the Lions will constantly experience the positive influence of Jupiter. The harmonious aspect of this planet will create for them unprecedented opportunities for the realization of personal talents and will strongly encourage professional growth. Lions will succeed easily, and they will get pleasure from success not only because of good results, but also because they will be accompanied by an improvement in their financial position.

Most lions will almost certainly be able to make a successful acquisition. Or maybe not even one. Venus will take care of this, which at the end of August - mid-September will be located in the 2nd house. During this period, Venus will create in the minds and souls of Lions a special mood for the desire to possess some special things. What exactly should be understood by the word "special"? It's all very individual. For some, these are antique interior items, for someone a certain model of car ... And some of Lviv will even successfully acquire real estate.

From mid-August until the end of September, the Lions will be under the "umbrella" of Mars, residing in the 2nd house. During this period, they can take risks, be assertive and demanding. As the saying goes, to take the bull by the horns ... Such tactics of behavior will also contribute a lot to solving financial issues, since the influence of Mars will help to overcome problems with much lower costs.

Money and Capricorns

On Capricorns in 2019, Saturn and Jupiter will be greatly influenced in conjunction. This is a very successful combination, since Saturn will help them to sum up some important results, to obtain the deserved fruits of their previous efforts and competently and with maximum benefit for themselves to complete what, having exhausted themselves, has already come to a logical conclusion. And Jupiter will allow to outline (at least partially) new horizons. Therefore, in this case, we can talk about financial success not only in the coming year, but also about increasing material well-being in the future.

In 2019 Capricorn should try to reconsider his view on the material side of life. They want to become more selective in their spending and get rid of taboos regarding ways to make money. The second means that they are encouraged to cultivate greater loyalty towards those who earn “in the wrong way”. After all, it is possible that Capricorns themselves could try themselves in something non-standard for them. And the first is that they need to learn how to make valuable acquisitions. However, Venus will help them in this. This planet in March will be in the 2nd house, and it is in March that Capricorns will be given an excellent chance to make a purchase, which subsequently will bring them significant profits. And if this happens, they must necessarily draw from this the relevant useful conclusions.

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So, the coming 365 days will be for some representatives of the zodiacal circle really successful. The 5 richest signs of the zodiac in 2019 will be able to get rid of many of the financial difficulties that are still present in their lives. And besides, they will create a good reserve for material well-being in a more distant future. But the rest of the signs, which did not hit the top five lucky ones, should not be upset either, since the year 2019 does not face any critical material problems.