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New Year's bronze makeup on a turquoise substrate: a lesson with a photo

In this master class we experiment with turquoise and bronze color, combining them together. This New Year's make-up will be made practically using the Smokey technique and have a light turquoise overflow, which, in combination with brown, will give other shades, such as lime, golden. Adding pure gold to makeup, we will only increase the effect of this combination.

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To create a bronze makeup on a turquoise substrate, you will need:

  • turquoise eyeliner (or eyeliner, cream shadows, etc.);
  • bronze shadows;
  • light green shades;
  • golden shadows;
  • black eyeliner;
  • mascara and brush.

A lesson on creating a New Year's bronze makeup on a turquoise substrate

The pencil should be medium hard. This means that it should be soft enough to be able to shade it well, and hard enough so that it does not roll over the eyelid. If you have oily skin, it is better to use waterproof cosmetics. Since this is a substrate, then the durability of the entire makeup depends on it. Additionally, you can apply a primer to the eyelids and be sure to cover the skin with a thin layer of tonal base.

Getting started with the turquoise color with the drawing of the arrow, thus setting the direction for the entire makeup. This arrow will look at the temple.

Fully fill all movable and lower eyelids with a pencil base. We derive a beautiful outer corner, which will correct the shape of the eye.

We blend the border of the whole part with a brush. The tinting will increase the detail by approximately 0.5 cm.

Since the texture of the pencil is sticky, and we need to create a slight haze along the border, we apply a light golden shade on the edge of the shading all over the eye that will smooth the transitions, and the shadows on it will go as it should. Almost empty brush walk under the brow.

Apply a bright lime shade of shadows to the apple in the center of the moving eyelid. This detail will be clearly at the level of the iris. Only slightly go beyond it.

Now fill the entire turquoise detail with a bronze color. To do this, you can take a fluffy brush, which will give the borders a more weightless haze and lightness. Intensively apply a bronze color from the ciliary row and extinguish on a light green hue. We perform the same on the lower eyelid and evenly distribute the color along the border of the turquoise substrate evenly with a fluffy brush.

To make the green color on the apple more subdued, we will cover it with a light golden tint, which is applied to the border of the turquoise pencil at the beginning.

As an ornament, we add to the corner of the eye a rich golden color of the shadows.

To emphasize the upper ciliary row, paint the arrow with a black pencil.

If you want a clearer effect and a perfect line, then use the liner. With a pencil, we lightly fill the space between the pages and draw a light arrow over the eyelids.

It will be a little smoky due to the fact that we seemed to inject a pencil into the upper layer of shadows.