The best children's natural toothpaste with without fluoride, rating

Natural composition - the most important requirement for children's toothpastes. After all, little restless simply do not know how to spit cleaning mass, swallowing it. And they do not like to care for their teeth, not understanding the importance of the event. The problem is solved if you use a tasty product with a pleasant aroma. Find such on sale is not difficult, manufacturers pay great attention to the children's segment. But prices are often frankly scary. Especially for parents who prefer reasonable purchases, we offer a top fluorine-free natural toothpaste rating from Even with the cost of delivery of goods cheaper at times. Information is objective, we selected products based on ratings and reviews. To make it easier to find a suitable option, the list is divided into several points (by age).

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For the smallest (3 months +): rating of natural toothpastes with Iherb without fluoride

IMPORTANT: The forums and their ilk are a wonderful, unbiased source of information, but there are many individual factors that online advisors do not take into account. Before buying a particular product, we recommend you discuss with your dentist the appropriateness of using this particular composition.

1. Weleda, children's tooth gel

Absolutely safe (does not contain synthetic colors, flavors, preservatives, raw materials extracted from mineral oils). Product with an excellent reputation. The composition is focused on natural dental care: cleansing, maintaining the health of milk teeth and oral cavity. You can use it from the moment when your baby first combed gums and he will require special attention. The relative minus is a soft mint flavor (instead of candy or fruit sweetness) not everyone likes.

Price = $ 6.14.

2. Xlear, Kids Spry with xylitol original

Attention, the product is focused specifically on the smallest, the purpose is to create a favorable environment for cutting teeth, soft cleaning. The formula includes only 5 components: water, xylitol, calcium glycerophosphate, thickening gum of cellulose, extract from grapefruit seeds (organic preservative). The manufacturer recommends using the gel after each feeding (up to 5 times a day) and before going to bed. In the reviews they write: the gel is safe, it smells good, the kids like it, but the quality of “soft” cleansing leaves much to be desired.

Price = $ 4.79.

3. BabyGanics, watermelon

A transparent gel gently and gently cares for gums and erupted pearls. It is not necessary to squeeze it out onto the brush, it is also possible on the finger in order to diagnose the condition of the baby’s oral cavity in the process of care by touch. Contains natural sweetener - stevia, cleansing component - xylitol. One thing is bad - the presence of flavors of unknown origin.

Price = $ 5.81.

4. Hello, for teaching oral hygiene, with organic apple flavor

Colorless gel is made from natural ingredients, does not contain artificial sweeteners, dyes, sugar and other hazards. According to the manufacturer, it is absolutely safe when swallowing. Delicately cleans cutting teeth, a beneficial effect on inflamed gums. The taste is pleasant. Minus - for a small number of reviews it is difficult to identify all the advantages and disadvantages.

Price = $ 3.90.

5. Orajel, Paw Patrol Training, Fruit Flavor

95 out of 100 parents buy this product because of the pretty packaging with the “Puppy Patrol” characters. The result is a very good product (non-abrasive, but with good cleaning properties). True, infants do not respond to cartoon characters, but older children are delighted. One thing is confusing: the presence of potentially toxic propylene glycol and poloxamer 407.

Price = $ 3.29.

Fluoride-Free Baby Toothpaste with for Babies 6 Months +

1. Jack n 'Jill, raspberry

Natural components, a pleasant smell and taste, high-quality cleaning of a raid - these pluses more often than others mention active moms, praising the product on the forums. Paste-gel does not contain dyes, but in the composition is present: xylitol, organic raspberry flavor, calendula extract gum, silica, vegetable glycerin. The tool foams beautifully, it smells amazing, and it not only cleans, but also heals and strengthens the gums. For those who do not like raspberries, the manufacturer offers other tastes: banana, strawberry, black currant and blueberry.

Price = $ 7.

2. RADIUS, USDA Organic Baby Toothpaste, Coconut Banana

Feature of the composition - a combination of calcium salts and organic coconut oil, providing detoxification of the oral cavity, gentle whitening, improving the health of the gums. Other useful components: extracts and extracts of aloe, rosemary, grapefruit (responsible for quality care). Cheerful note - natural banana flavor. Parents write that pasta is very similar to mashed potatoes, plus contains coconut flakes. There are complaints about poor removal of plaque.

Price = $ 5.39.

3. Earth's Best, apple-pear

Sold in a set with a silicone brush-fingertip. The natural formula does not include harmful or questionable ingredients. Cleansing element - xylitol, soothing - panthenol, firming - calcium lactate. A nice bonus to this composition can be considered B5, bran and beta glucan. A small “spoon of tar” that comes across in reviews is a complaint to the manufacturer regarding the quality of the packaging.

Price = $ 6.03.

What kind of toothpaste without fluoride is better to buy a child from 2 years and older?

1. Nature's Gate, Cherry Gel

The complex combines calcium, silicon dioxide and 7 plant components. The first element is necessary to strengthen milk teeth, it also prevents demineralization. The functions of the second component: cleaning and polishing. The action of extracts of aloe, bisabolol and ginger is aimed at reducing the inflammatory processes. Other herbal ingredients help maintain a healthy oral microecology. But the gel practically does not foam, because of this and the specific cherry taste, some capricious people categorically do not want to use it.

Price = $ 4.70.

2. Jason Natural, Powersmile

Version for those who are fighting for a radiant smile. Pasta is really natural, does not contain camouflaged chemistry. It perfectly bleaches, prevents the formation of plaque, freshens breath. The product can be safely attributed to the category "for the whole family." One minus - the strong taste of peppermint is not liked by children who love sweet "candy" compositions.

Price = $ 2.27.

3. Tom's of Maine, strawberry flavor

Reasonable cost and large volume of tuba made this tool a favorite of domestic forums and otzovikov. 90% of users emphasize also pleasant taste. Paste gently cleans, and with regular use protects against the formation of plaque. Important "but": contains SLS. In our list, this product was solely due to the widespread popularity.

Price = $ 4.44.

Cost indicators and range may vary.

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