Tarot forecast: The 3 most unfortunate signs of the zodiac in 2019

Each of the signs of the zodiac pantheon will have its own tasks next year. And the influence from the stars and planets they will experience different. Tarot-horoscope describes them in detail, allowing you to highlight both positive and negative aspects of such influence, and thus determine the 3 most unfortunate signs of the zodiac in 2019. However, these signs can be called unfortunate only conditionally, because during this period a lot of positives await them. Just for them there will be a number of risks. And now you will find out exactly what they are. And also get information on how to avoid them. It is based, of course, on the recommendations given by the Tarot system.

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Aries: learn to respond correctly and give way

Aries in 2019 will have 2 major problems. The first is that mistakes made during this period can have big consequences. And the second will be associated with the impatience of people born under the constellation of Aries, and a tendency to sharp movements (in all senses, that is, both in deeds and in words). This can play a cruel joke with them. Arkan of the Year (The Hanged Man) unambiguously speaks of this.

In professional activities for Aries it will be important to properly behave with others. No need to expose, sharp characteristics, etc. It is highly desirable to adhere to the requirements of corporate discipline. At the same time, the stimulating moment for them should be the understanding that, if they can keep themselves within the framework of the right behavior, they will be able not only to avoid difficulties, but also to make a confident step forward to their career heights. By the way, about the same rules in 2019, Aries should be extended to their relationships with loved ones and loved ones. Here it is desirable to be able to negotiate, seek compromises, take into account not only their own interests.

Financial affairs Aries must keep in great order. They need to plan their spending, they are recommended to keep some amount in reserve all the time. Health representatives of this sign should be considered more carefully, because in the next 365 days symptoms may appear that are important to respond promptly.

Gemini: getting rid of selfishness and doubt

About the danger that egoism can carry in itself, Gemini is warned by the Hanged Man (Arkan). And the fact that they can be overcome from time to time by unfounded doubts is the Moon. This Arkan is the sum of the Lovers (the governor of Gemini Arkan) and the Hanged Man and reveals important aspects that affect the lives of representatives of this sign in 2019.

In dealing with your loved ones (and even with your surroundings in general), Gemini is recommended to be more modest and more delicate. Demonstrating personal excellence can cost them dearly. In the professional field, you should try to enlist the support of people more reputable than the Twins themselves. If they do not do this, they risk to find themselves in a situation where arrogance in their heads will be replaced by anxieties and great self-doubt, which in turn is fraught with miscalculations and mistakes.

Money Twins should be handled with the utmost care. 2019 is a period when a variety of surprises are potentially possible. And first of all they will be associated with unforeseen costs. That is why to have funds for a “black” day will not be superfluous.

Separately, you need to say a few words about the state of health. Next year, the Twins in this sense have nothing to fear. However, they seem to worry about their health, on the contrary, more than usual. And therefore, from the beginning of the year, it is desirable for them to tune themselves in to a positive perception of life and try not to dwell on emerging anxieties about the state of their body.

Pisces: we overcome the negative and enjoy life

It is no secret that Pisces is to some extent people “skinless”, i.e. natures are sensitive and reflecting a lot. Hanged as the Arcana of the year will aggravate their manifestations of this kind. And because the emotions in the soul of the representatives of this sign will rage even more than at other times. Meanwhile, the real reason for this in 2019 will be, on the contrary, less than ever, as indicated by the Empress, who predicts Pisces many successes if they manage to cope with their fears and anxieties.

In the coming period, Pisces should trust their loved ones more. Jealousy is recommended to be exclusively metered. Otherwise, it is possible to create conflict situations “out of the blue”, which, in addition to problems at the moment of their occurrence, may also have long-term consequences.

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Carefully and seriously Pisces in 2019 need to treat their health. In terms of their well-being, they may indeed be waiting for various kinds of troubles, and therefore a quick response to the onset of symptoms of indisposition will prove to be both relevant and useful. How exactly to respond, let each representative of the sign of Pisces decide for himself. But the next year’s use should be considered optimal for the treatment of diseases and the prevention of some new means and methods.

As for the money, then most of the Pisces problems just do not arise. Although they will have to incur unforeseen costs, they will surely manage to cope with their financial affairs. Approximately the same will be their case in the professional sphere. The difficulties that Pisces face will prove to be uncritical and completely surmountable.