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Emerald makeup: a step by step lesson with photos


In this emerald make-up workshop, we will do it in the Smokey technique, but with very fashionable accents based on mother-of-pearl textures. This makeup is suitable as an evening and will look gorgeous for any eye color, if you pick up your green shade.

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To create it, you will need emerald makeup:

  • gray, swamp or black cream shadows;
  • dark gray dry shadows;
  • black shadows;
  • black eyeliner;
  • pearly shadows with a greenish glow;
  • turquoise or emerald pearl shadows (in the master class of Tammi Tanuka "The Liberator of Dolphins");
  • ink;
  • brushes.

Creating Emerald Makeup

It seems to be a very simple set of cosmetics needed to perform makeup, but in fact you need to find the right shades. For example, in the master class a turquoise hue is used, which seems to be a pale blue, and on a dark gray substrate it turns out to be emerald. You can immediately pick up those colors that are right for you and put them instead of the proposed turquoise. Therefore, the future hue of the shadows depends on the selection of the substrate. If it were brown, then a yellow pigment would appear more from the shadows and the effect would not be the same.

We cover the eyelid with a tonal base and draw a brow. We direct the cleanliness and order on the face to immediately see the result.

Apply cream shadows on the entire upper eyelid in your chosen shade to the top fold. They should have good stickiness, then any shade of shadows with good pigmentation will be a dense layer.

We bring the lower eyelid and connect with the upper. Borders should be shaded in a light haze.

Powder or shadows in the color of the skin, walk with a fluffy brush only on the shading of the shadows.

Now cover the border with turquoise shadows, pulling the color up towards the eyebrow. Since the shadows are crumbly, it will be very easy to work with them.

In the same way, move the lower eyelid, keeping the form in gray shades, but slightly going beyond its borders. Pearlescent shades with a greenish tinge put under the eyebrow, mixing with turquoise shade.

Now we cover with a dark gray shade the remaining space on the eyelids, turning the shade on a turquoise color. You can immediately see how turquoise turns into an emerald, or how you darken your chosen shade.

The main pearl shade is very intensively applied to the corner of the eye along the lower eyelid.

We emphasize the ciliary row with a black arrow along the upper eyelid. We lead from the corner of the eye to the end of the eyelashes and slightly blend with a clean brush or the back of the brush.

We cover this shade with black shadows to fix the eyeliner and display a slightly clear corner from the upper eyelid. You can shade it, as at usual make-up.

Apply the cream shadows on the mucosa, which are used as a substrate. If they are not quite suitable for this purpose, then use products that are more familiar to you (kayal, etc.). Closer to the outer corner put a dark gray shade, and then turquoise. Due to the sticky texture, dry shadows will not crumble into the eyes and interfere.