Tarot forecast: The 5 happiest signs of the zodiac in 2019


We all live in about the same conditions. At least in a global sense. However, the fate of each special. Only people born under the same constellation have something in common. And this is exactly what allows you to make predictions for the future. What does the Tarot-horoscope for 2019 tell about the future according to the signs of the zodiac? He gives a lot of information, and a careful analysis allows us to identify the 5 happiest signs of the zodiac, which are clearly more lucky than others.

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Taurus: self-development and success

Taurus in 2019 will significantly advance in terms of improving their own nature. Arkan The hierophant indicates a significant influence on them of Venus, which, in conjunction with the Hanged Man (Arkan of the year), promises to give a remarkable effect. Taurus will tend to strive for harmonization of their living space and for development in all areas of their existence.

Positive changes await them both in personal relationships and in the professional sphere. Many lonely Taurus will be able to meet a suitable partner, and some of them will even have time to create families. Some risks, however, exist for married and married Taurus. They will be associated with conflict. Taurus should try to enter the year 2019 in peace with each other. Otherwise, the hanged man may aggravate the problem and make it much longer and deeper.

Taurus will manage to solve his career affairs with great success. And those of them who will be busy searching for a job will get a chance to find one that suits them almost perfectly. Arkan Zvezda indicates this - the numerological sum of the Hierophant and the Hanged Man; he talks about the outcome of the efforts of Taurus, applied to achieve their desired and conceived.

Taurus will not cause significant troubles and financial problems. A state of health will allow to live a year, not being distracted by long hospital.

Cancer: great prospects and dynamics

In the life of Rakov in 2019 a lot of changes are expected. In essence, the representatives of this sign, as Arkan Chariot points out, are, by their nature, predisposed to changes and quite easily accept them. But in the coming 365 days, in this sense, all the floodgates will be open. Cancers can turn around more than ever, filling their existence with a mass of events, emotions and new impressions.

Lonely Cancers will get a lot of chances to meet with "their" man. And married and married - will strengthen the already created unions. At the same time, many Cancers - thanks to the Arcane of the Year to the Hanged Man - will learn to enjoy not only the signs of attention and care from their partners, but also their own bestowal on their loved ones.

They are unlikely to have monetary difficulties, and if someone does, they will be able to resolve them properly. Their career potential in the coming year will unfold with a new force. And, if some of the Cancers do not take advantage of it, it will only mean that they do not really need it. As for health, then the people of this sign should simply respond promptly to the ailments that arise, and then it will be possible to get rid of any problems with well-being with minimal means.

Scorpio: Summary and Update

2019 will be an important milestone for the Scorpions. Arkan Death (which, in fact, describes the characteristics of their nature) directly speaks of the purposefulness and depth of thinking of people of this sign. But now they will have the inner feeling that the time has come to "collect stones." And many of the Scorpions will come to a fully conscious understanding of such a need. To this they will be pushed and Arkan of the year (The Hanged Man).

Considerable success can wait Scorpions in their professional activities. Of course, if they themselves want it. Representatives of this sign are free to change the scope of their activities, if the intuition will persistently push them to it. The financial situation is not too affected, so the money from Scorpios in 2019 will be found. However, if in the current year they have the opportunity to make some savings, this will not be superfluous. The fact is that Scorpios will almost certainly have to face some unplanned expenses, and the availability of additional funds will allow them not to harm themselves in the expenses to which they are accustomed.

Relationships with close Scorpions will be more open and sincere. Several conversations will take place, as a result of which they will be able to agree on comfortable rules for communication and hostel. Lonely Scorpions are very likely to be able to meet their half. This perspective is predicted by the Chariot - another Arkan, reflecting the significant astrological aspects of 2019 for the Scorpions. Do not give them the trouble and health. The only thing that needs to be kept under constant control is nerves.

Sagittarius: a wealth of emotions and getting the desired

The forecast for Streltsov for 2019 should be built on 3 Arkanas - Temperance, the Hanged Man (Arkan of the Year) and Strength as a resultant, i.e. summing up the map. This means that to this harmony representatives of this sign will acquire a special meaning for them and will compete with a new force to fight for what is valuable for them and allows them to remain in the desired balance.

Next year, Streltsov will not have significant prerequisites to complain about health. Because of feeling unwell, they will not have to “fall out” for a long time from normal life and violate their plans.

Although in private life, moments of friction with relatives and, in particular, with loved ones, are not excluded, you should not worry about it. These situations should be treated calmly, because all conflicts for Sagittarius will be resolved. And while they do not have to sacrifice something fundamentally important for themselves. Lonely people of this sign will have many opportunities to arrange their personal lives, and many of them will be able to use them. To a large extent, this is why they will not be very interested in a career. But the source of problems in the workplace is not for them. By the way, Sagittarius, who have already acquired life mates, will also, for the most part, devote less time to their professional activities than usual.

Sagittarius, who will be forced to look for work, it is recommended to try yourself in something new. Let each of them think what he really wants, and act in the appropriate direction.

And a few words about the money ... Things are more than satisfactory here. Million Strelets Troops, perhaps, will not succeed, but they need enough money for sure.

Aquarius: big plans and successful changes

In 2019, Aquarius will have important questions. The wealth of their natures will become more manifest for themselves, and hence the desire for change and the setting of new goals. The Star (the managing director Arkan for Aquarius) indicates this. The Arcane of the Year (The Hanged Man) will force the representatives of this sign to be more critical of themselves, and Arkan Justice, which is the sum of the first two Arcana and displays the consequences and the results of their manifestations, will contribute to a more objective view of life in Aquarius.

Lonely Aquarius have all the chances to fall in love thoroughly, and the person with whom fate will bring them is more likely to be their second “half”. Most married and married will move in their relationship with their spouses to a new level, which will be characterized by greater pragmatics and honesty. And this will be a very positive moment for them.

Financial issues in 2019 Aquarius definitely do not deliver big problems. Family income, most of them will be enough to not get into debt and make the necessary expenses in a timely manner and in the right amount. In the professional field, Aquarius will also be largely successful. And therefore, those of them who relate to a career calmly and without fanaticism can expect that the next year will pass calmly and without excesses. The same Aquarius, who are aggressively seeking a vocation, must remember that in 2019 this issue should be the key for them. Having found the answer to it during this period, they can subsequently count on great success in the field that is optimal for them.

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Aquarius will not have to worry especially about its health. The only potential source of problems in their case is injury. Therefore, it is desirable for them to adhere to the safety rules depending on the circumstances in which they will be provided. But only.