7 unexpected signs that your relationship will last forever

At the beginning of a relationship, lovers try to show only the best qualities, not to be frightened by oddities (they have each) of their character and respond normally to the shortcomings of a loved one. But over time, it becomes rather hard to hide your essence, and therefore disagreements begin in pairs, however there are 7 unexpected signs that your relationship will last forever, in spite of any difficulties. About these signs in more detail.

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7 signs of eternal relationships

Funny nicknames. If lovers give each other nicknames that, by the way, even relatives and friends may not know, this is an absolute declaration of love. Of course, it happens that they are associated with some slip (for example, a man constantly forgets to take out the garbage, for which he was called Favorite Zabvyhah) or an unpleasant case (a woman constantly violates the rules of the road, for which her boyfriend and nicknamed “Amateur men in epaulettes "), but it is said with love, and therefore not offensive

You are imperfect. It also happens that if a couple has met recently, a woman wakes up much earlier than her lover, in order to have time to clean up. Men, by the way, can also shave at first and wear new socks. However, over time, the beloved one gets out of bed, shaggy and swollen from sleep, but remains equally welcome, and the boy stops putting on new socks every day, knowing that the second half loves him and with the old ones.

Disease. When a person has a cold, runny nose and fever, it’s hard to look like from the cover of a magazine (well, if this is not an article about colds). At such moments, the feelings are checked: the loved one is near, wears tea, covers, measures the temperature, changes the towels on his forehead and runs to the drugstore at the pharmacy ... This is definitely true love.

Silence. Who said silence is a sign that people have nothing to talk about? No no and one more time no. If both are comfortable at this moment, for example, a girl paints her nails, and her boyfriend is reading a book, then this is just awesome! And this means that they are well and in silence and in conversations, respectively, they are suited to each other.

Fun even where bored. Some family meetings are like a nightmare - the grandmother, without asking anyone, puts food on the plates of the mountains, the aunt tells about her adventures in the grocery, and the mother can not wait until she shows the wedding album or photos from the christening ... I want to run away from there. But your soulmate remains calm and smiles on time, which means that this man is a superhero with whom you are very lucky!

Laughter during sex. The couple, who recently met, perceives intimacy as something passionate, they approach each other with caution and some tension, afraid to hurt or unpleasant partner. But, if after a few months of dating, the guy and the girl laugh at each other's incredible positions or tickle, then this is undoubtedly love.

Any purchase is not a problem. At the beginning of the relationship, the girl is ashamed to ask the guy to buy hygienic tampons for her, he will not ask her either, so she, going on a date past the pharmacy, bought anesthetic because she has a bad stomach ache. But over time, a loving couple does not have problems of this nature. He calmly buys the gel for intimate hygiene and knows the company of her favorite sanitary pads, she always carries a medicine for heartburn, diarrhea and constipation, knowing about its problematic gastrointestinal tract.

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Even if not all items are present in your pair, you should not be upset, because everything is still ahead, the main thing is to know that you love each other. And confirmation of this - your behavior!