Does he love me? Find out by the sign of the zodiac

Love is complicated, and it is not always possible to understand whether your partner has feelings for you. Someone showered with gifts and compliments, someone spends all his free time with you, and some even share a common living space, bed and food. However, every morning, when you look at a sleeping loved one, cooking breakfast for him, accepting presents from him, catch yourself thinking if he loves me? Or, perhaps, you are just a spare airfield, and somewhere there is one that your partner really loves and just waits for him to be reciprocated. We will help you figure it out. It turns out to find out whether he feeds you affection, you can on the basis of his zodiac sign.

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Does he love you? Tell zodiac


If Aries is in love with you, you will immediately notice this, as he will constantly chase you, never miss an opportunity to hug or kiss, become the best friend who asks a lot of personal questions in order to know more about you. He will even begin to be interested in the same things or he will get himself the same hobby as you. In short, Aries will try their best to make you the best friend with whom you will feel comfortable and cozy. This sign never resorts to tricks and riddles, so you will understand exactly how it applies to you.


Everyone knows how much Taurus likes to calculate and calculate everything in order not to get into a difficult situation. Therefore, before they check whether you can be trusted, they will invite you to a restaurant to have a drink and talk heart to heart, although you will speak more and Taurus will listen. Well, and then you are waiting for the process of long communication, during which they will thoroughly examine your personality. And, only being confident in you, they will be able to confess their feelings, openly expressing their emotions. Well, after you will meet with his parents and close friends. Now you are "reserved" to them, moreover, forever.


This sign very quickly becomes attached and always frankly speaks about his feelings. He talks about them so much that sometimes he even wants him to be silent. By the way, Gemini love to chat, especially at night, it is easier for them to form an emotional connection. As soon as you acquire the status of a loved one, Gemini, be prepared that all of his relatives, friends and relatives will know about you and your achievements, even the most meager, who should extol both you and Gemini's choice.


Cancers easily fall in love, but because of their indecision can not admit it. And even when they dare to confess, they hesitate for a long time how to do it right. In a word, it is very difficult for them to talk about their feelings, but they will not be able to hide their emotions. They will make you laugh, make various pleasant trifles that raise your spirits even on the most terrible day. Cancer will try to be always there, will support in a difficult moment. Not to notice the love of this sign is impossible.

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Leo is very decisive by nature, so he declares about his feelings fearlessly and without hiding, moreover, to everyone - he is ready to shout his love loudly and at every corner. You become for him the most important person in the world - he will always be there to protect and protect against all adversity. Sometimes he is even too clingy, but you should not be offended at him - in this way he shows his affection, and you can always tell him about it. He will not be offended, because your happiness is most important for him.


This sign skillfully hides his feelings, as he is very afraid of being rejected after his confession. However, to understand that he is in love, you can by his behavior - he becomes thoughtful, makes small gifts for no reason, and also helpful and unfailing with you. If you notice signs of Virgo's love, just ask him about it, this sign will be afraid to lie and thus hurt your loved one.


For this sign, the most important thing is balance and order in their world, so if Libra decided to break it for you, for example, to jump with a parachute, although they recently admitted that they were afraid of heights, or climb into a fight (for them this is nonsense - because This sign prefers a peaceful solution to the conflict), rest assured - they love you. Libra is a very romantic sign, so in an in love state they can move mountains, proving their love.


For this sign of the zodiac, love is a new level of relationships, when passion is in full swing, and feelings simply overwhelm the heart. Their head ceases to work, giving way to emotions - they are ready to give you a body, a soul, and the whole universe. Scorpios, even if they claim that they do not intend to start a family for the time being, in a state in love see themselves next to you in a chic house surrounded by children. By the way, there is another sign that you are not indifferent to him - his interest in your page on the social network, so he tries to study you better.


The whole life of Sagittarius consists of spontaneous moments that give him joy and pleasure, so he often travels a lot. And if he calls you to go on another trip with him, do not hesitate - he breathes unevenly to you. You should also pay attention to the frequency of his calls to you, if he constantly shares his joys with you, then this is a sign - he loves you. After all, he can only trust in whom he sees his person (often his friends and family members are his people).


If Capricorn loves you, then you will immediately find out about it, because this sign is not used to losing time on omissions and different games. It is important for him to understand how you feel about him, to draw conclusions for yourself, whether it is worth making plans for a future with you. And, provided that he discusses with you the prospects of his life, you can be sure that you are his love. For the sake of a loved one, he will try to develop a healthy and harmonious relationship that will pass all the tests.


This sign is able to own his emotions, so if he jumps around you, you can be sure that you are not indifferent to him, moreover, so much so that he cannot even hide it. Aquarius is selfless in relationships, therefore, if he spends more time with you, neglecting his desires and requests from relatives and friends (they occupy the main place in his life), then his love is an irrefutable fact.


Pisces in love share their secrets with the object of their adoration - their favorite music, personal things and their thoughts and plans for the future. Therefore, if this sign is revealed to you so much that you know everything or almost everything about it, then no doubt - he loves you. Fishes are hopeless romantics, ready to overwhelm their loved one with gifts, surprises and romantic deeds. Also pay attention to their view: if he cannot imagine his life without you, then he will look at you as the best work of art - with adoration and admiration.

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All of us are different, but still, the sign of the Zodiac, under which we are born, has a huge impact on our life, character and temperament, as well as on our ability to show our true feelings. Therefore, people born under one zodiac constellation usually behave in the same way in a state of love. And you just have to look at your partner, knowing his zodiac sign, to understand, love you or not.