How to get married successfully? Psychology tips

Getting to know the man of your dreams is one thing, but how to keep him is quite another. However, there are some secrets of psychologists how to get married successfully, creating a strong and friendly family in the future. Of course, not the fact that they are comprehensive instructions for achieving the goal, but, perhaps, having recognized them, you will be able to develop relations in the right direction.

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Tips for psychologists how to get married successfully

1. Get better. If you have any flaws, then your man will also find out about them in time. Therefore, urgently change what you do not like in yourself. After all, high self-esteem is the key to success.

2. Communication. This is the main component of a happy relationship. Be interested in the life of your man, find out what he is upset with, and why he is glad. Just do not try to impose yourself with your questions.

3. Naturalness. Of course, try to be beautiful for your man - this is great. But believe me, if you have silicone breasts and lips, extended eyelashes, hair and nails, as well as corrected nose, cheekbones, etc., then you are more like a doll than a living person.

4. Sexuality. Sex in a relationship is very important, so do not forget to show your loved one your interest. Puritanism is not welcome, because a man is going to marry, and is not looking for a flatmate.

5. Calmness. Life with you should not resemble a roller coaster, men prefer balanced ladies rather than flighty girls, whose mood changes with the change of wind direction.

6. Exposure. If a man is not ready for marriage yet, you shouldn’t put pressure on him, at least until your connection is a year. The onslaught can only push him away.

7. Touch. A special look, stroking on the back, a kiss on the fly in the presence of other people will surely arouse the imagination of your man and bring zest to the relationship. Behavior when a woman just sticks, annoys and repels.

8. Praise. Be proud of your man, praise him constantly, but you should not criticize him, even if he blundered. Avoid grunts. It is better to correctly point out his mistakes, and correct if possible.

9. Sense of humor. It is obvious that the person who is having fun attracts. Therefore, be witty, but not cruel in their jokes.

10. Happiness. Women, radiating joy and happiness, irresistibly attract to themselves. But constant complaints and dissatisfaction with all, on the contrary, repel.

11. Reliability. This does not mean that such a woman underestimates herself by sacrificing her own interests. No, she is just ready to sacrifice something to avoid conflict.

12. Romance. Arrange for your beloved romantic evenings, men adore romance, pretending to be indifferent to them.

13. Love contrary. You have to show your man that you love him not for something, but in spite of. He will appreciate it.

14. Flirt with others. Do not flirt with other men in the presence of your lover, even if you want to cause jealousy. Your behavior will lead to a break rather than a marriage.

15. Become his ideal. Pay attention to what qualities attract a man to others, and try to develop them in yourself.

16. Do not overdo it. Oddly enough, but those women who are willing to do anything in order to get married status, are out of work. Apparently, the man feels insincerity.

17. Experiment. The person who goes on the knurled path is boring, so at least sometimes allow yourself something new. For example, food, place of rest or hobby. After all, if you know what to expect for the rest of your life, it is not far to depression.

18. Do not discuss. Give up the habit of everything that happens in your couple, tell your friends, mother or sister. A man would be unpleasant to find out.

19. Trust. You must fully trust your loved one, otherwise you should not even begin such a relationship. And do not forget that jealousy is also distrust.

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Perhaps you yourself know how to get married successfully, and are already on your way to achieving your goal, and perhaps the above tips will help you quickly go to the registry office with your loved one. Good luck and great love!