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Dark dramatic retro makeup: a lesson with photos

In this workshop we will perform a retro make-up, which is characterized by its drama. See the lesson on creating dark dramatic makeup with step by step photos.

See also: Makeup like Lana del Rey: a lesson step by step with photos.

To create a dark dramatic makeup you will need:

  • gray cream shades;
  • plum or lilac pearl shadows;
  • plum matte shade;
  • dark gray shadows;
  • black kayal;
  • ink;
  • brushes.

Perform dark dramatic retro makeup

The main accent in retro make-up is that all the lines are directed downwards and located below the corner of the eye, unlike what we are used to now.

First of all we will work an eyebrow. Retro eyebrow is always thin and looks like a thread. Since in our times this form of eyebrows is not relevant, it is necessary to maximally bring your eyebrow closer to the shape that is needed. If you do not need a complete stylization of the retro image, then you can draw an eyebrow in the form you are used to.

All skin is completely covered with a layer of tone, capturing the upper and lower eyelids. Also cover eyebrow very hard with tonal means. If you have fine hairs, you’ll be able to almost completely cut off a brow and create a new one.

Draw as thin as possible. We make a retro eyebrow rounded and specially extend the end of the eyebrow, artificially extending the tail and making the look sad.

Dark gray, black, plum shades of shadows are perfect for retro makeup. As a substrate, we use gray cream shades that are resistant. We cover completely all mobile eyelid and lower. Borders blend and form the outer corner, which is slightly toppled downwards, making it just below the real corner.

Pick up the translucent pearl color of the shadows in the plum shade and cover with them the whole shading of the gray base. Reach this color to the eyebrow, closing the fixed eyelid. Do not be afraid to get too far in the color on the lower eyelid, because, on the contrary, we need this effect.

The next layer is applied plum matte shadows, making the transition into the depths of the century. Borders are mixed with a pearl shade along the contour. It turns out smooth smoky transition from color to color.

Fill the entire cream base with dark gray shadows. We carry brush directly from the base of the eyelashes. Now mix gray with plum.

Please note that we do not display the smoke on the volumetric part of the fixed eyelid, but leave it light. Instead, we mix gray and plum shades of shadows onto the brushes and paint over the inner corner of the eye with a light haze. Darkening in this area and highlighting a fixed age will make up the way we want it to be.

Deepen makeup with black. Due to this emphasis other colors will be more like a haze. We paint over the interstitial row on the upper eyelid, and also on the mucous on the lower eyelid. Be sure to paint the inside corner with a pencil.

Lastly, we dye eyelashes.

It may seem that for such a makeup eyebrow is too light.