5 most superstitious signs of the zodiac

We all believe in some signs. Someone comes out of the house with just the right foot, so that the day is good, someone runs at a gallop to another street at the sight of a black cat, and someone sees salt scattered as a sign of the upcoming quarrel. What is the reason that in our enlightened age people believe in omens? It turns out that the sign by which he was born is often “guilty” in the superstition of a person. So, astrologers have identified 5 of the most superstitious signs of the Zodiacs, for which life is full of magical symbols and signs.

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The most superstitious zodiac signs

Aries. This sign has its rituals that bring them good luck; talismans that they constantly carry with them; habits and more. In their understanding, all that they achieve in this life is not just the fruit of their skills and abilities, but the result of carefully planned actions supported by certain rituals. Only thanks to them, Aries feel less vulnerable to the blows of fate, which, in their opinion, cannot be avoided, but only reduced their strength.

Typical Aries superstitions: knowing their hot-tempered nature, they are very worried if they are seriously offended, so they always ask for forgiveness in order to purify karma. They are also afraid of an empty bucket, a black cat and a priest who meets them.

A lion. Although they do not even admit to themselves their superstitions, yet this zodiac sign honors and observes signs, for example, does not walk around the house in one sock or sneaker because of fear of losing a loved one, does not return home, forgetting something, not looking in the mirror, fearing failure. But at the same time Leo makes fun of when others believe in something and fear to break the rules that were invented. Yet this sign does everything to avoid certain situations that entail negative consequences.

Typical superstitions Lviv: they are afraid of their premonitions, chasing bad thoughts, but if some thought becomes obsessive, then for them it is a signal that a terrible incident will happen soon. In addition, they do not like questions before important events, believing that they can lead them astray.

Libra. This sign appreciates customs and traditions; therefore, the warning of a grandmother with great life experience can cause Libra's superstition. In addition, this zodiac sign is a bit frivolous, so often they don’t even want to understand the true causal relationships, if you can take advantage of ready-made and seemingly existing laws.

Typical superstitions of Libra: they become especially superstitious after the birth of children. They are ready to hang them with pins from the evil eye and red woolen threads from damage. Scales carefully protect their home, so a horseshoe for family happiness hangs over the front door, and in the corner there is a broom upside down, which attracts well-being and drives away all bad things.

Scorpio. Mystical and mysterious sign of the zodiac simply can not without superstition, he perfectly understands it. Moreover, so much so that it alters the old signs for themselves, and after giving it to the others as a long tradition of believing in the good or avoiding the bad. Scorpios love to surround themselves with various crystals and stones, bringing good luck and driving away the negative from the house.

Typical superstitions of Scorpions: this sign is devout, therefore in his house there will always be a candle or an icon protecting against all the bad. And if something happens to them - falls, goes out, or breaks, then for Scorpions - this is a terrible sign of unhappiness, which is almost impossible to avoid, except to pray and ask for help from the Almighty.

Fish. This zodiacal sign has a highly developed intuition, which they blindly trust, because deep down they want to believe in a fairy tale, in which there are fairies and wizards, prompting on a spiritual level, how to act in order to avoid trouble and draw luck. Therefore, Pisces and invent their own rituals, follow even very strange signs, and also devote a lot of time to mysticism, fortune telling and prophecies of famous psychics and soothsayers.

Typical superstitions of Pisces: they have a whole arsenal of superstitions, ranging from the fear of “zakudykivaniya roads” (when asked where the fish are going) to fear of stumbling with his right foot before an important event. In short, this zodiacal sign, regardless of position in society, age and position, is sheer superstition.

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To believe in signs or not is everyone’s business. If it calms people down and helps fight stress, then why not allow yourself to be superstitious. Therefore, any representative of the zodiacal constellation can afford to believe in the signs seen or ignore them. But, perhaps, the above zodiac signs believe much more in miracles, that's why they were on the list of the most superstitious.