10 most common reasons why men leave

We all experienced separation from our beloved man. It is painfully painful, so I want to understand why this happened, which made him leave. There are many reasons for parting: some are abandoned because they are not ready for a serious relationship, others because they do not receive due attention from the girl, well, and still others because they met another. We decided to find out the real reasons why men leave. Here are the 10 most common reasons.

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Why do men go away. Here are the 10 most common reasons

  1. Fear of liability. Love relationships are not just romance, but also a willingness to answer for themselves and their soul mate, put up with its shortcomings, go for some sacrifice for it, for example, give up their favorite freedom. That's why for some men, a serious relationship is a burden, and not the joy of constant spending time with your beloved.
  2. Incorrect Priorities. Some men need increased attention from their woman, that she lived and breathed the same air with him, divined his desires and mood, was on the same wavelength with him. And, if he suddenly does not feel its significance for her, he immediately decides to leave. Although, if you think about why such a man who is jealous of everyone and everything?
  3. Untidy Among modern men it is customary to take care of themselves and, if his partner avoids the gym, does not paint his hair, does not do manicures and pedicures, and does not apply make-up, then the man gradually becomes disillusioned with her. The result - parting. But it can be avoided if you again turn from Cinderella in a washed-out robe into a well-groomed woman in beautiful linen, with whom he once fell in love.
  4. Gone Passion. It's not even a make-up and a stylish hairstyle, in many pairs over time the passion disappears. Perhaps if you figure out why this happened, you can still fix it. But it so happens that a love relationship suddenly turned into a friendship. And nothing can be done about it - except to remain good friends, time-tested.
  5. Treason. If a man is looking for happiness with another woman, then it is better to let him go and focus on yourself. Since if he did it once, then where is the probability that after returning to you, he will not want to be on the side of the relationship again.
  6. Solid negative. After some time, communication in a couple begins to go in a negative way - quarrels, reproaches, discontent and fatigue become the basis of family relations. In the end, constant conflicts and misunderstandings can no longer be tolerated, and marriage ends. Most often do not stand men. They leave silently and without explanation, so as not to provoke new scandals.
  7. Too different. A common reason why men leave is when partners have different views on life, goals and aspirations. After all, the majority of couples just get used to each other for several years, and then they begin to realize that they don’t like each other, but they are ready to put up with it, and they won’t be able to tolerate it.
  8. Bad kisses. A kiss is a prelude to sex and, depending on how a person kisses, you can understand what he is like in bed. Therefore, if a man does not like the way his woman kisses, then, most likely, he does not want and intimacy with her. That is, talking about the preservation of relationships is not necessary.
  9. Her lateness is infuriating. Of course, this is not a good reason for parting, but still, if a woman is constantly late, moreover, than more than 5-10 minutes, then it is very detrimental to herself. These minor misunderstandings contribute to the relationship of distrust and disrespect.
  10. Ghosts of the past. If a man is constantly compared with the previous guy, then this is not everyone can bear. Therefore, one should not be surprised if, in time, the partner decides to part with a woman who is always thinking of something else. As they say, will not interfere with their happiness.

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It still seems to you that nothing foreshadowed trouble, and your beloved man suddenly offered to leave? Believe me, not suddenly. He gave signals long ago, but only you didn’t notice or didn’t want to notice them. And this is your biggest mistake. It is necessary to learn to feel, analyze and be able to discuss thoughts, problems, feelings and experiences. This is the only way to keep warm and tender relations in a couple for many years.