The perfect guy for every sign of the zodiac

Do not believe that the constellation under which you were born, can affect your personal life? And in vain, because the zodiac sign can not only tell about your dedication and passions, but also dictate with whom you can start a novel, and who should beware. So, how to create the perfect relationship and who is the right guy for you, depending on the sign of the zodiac.

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The perfect guy for every sign.

Aries woman

She is brave and independent, always thinking with her head, not with her heart. For her, any obstacle presented by fate is an opportunity to once again take everything in hand and prove that it is, as always, the best!

Perfect match

Male Cancer. He is attractive and charming for this strong lady. He is also pleased to conquer this impregnable woman. He tries to discover the best in her. By the way, with this he surprises even the girl of Aries, who, in principle, has a rather high opinion of herself.

Pisces man. He is calm and reliable. These qualities are greatly appreciated by Aries. They may have a strong and long alliance.

Unsuitable partner

Male Twins. Passion at the beginning of a relationship with time will be crossed out by the windiness and emotionality of this sign.

Male lion These signs are both leaders, so their relationship will resemble an eternal struggle.

Taurus woman

Girls born under this zodiac sign, loyal partners, appreciate luxury. To the best of the mysterious, moderately simple to communicate.

Perfect match

Male Taurus. They are like relatives who have common goals and common views on life. In intimate life they have complete harmony, together they drown in a sea of ​​passion and adoration of each other.

Male Cancer. This man always knows what his Taurus woman wants. They are one, complementing each other in everything, from external data and ending with emotions.

Unsuitable partner

Male lion This guy is quite demanding in relationships, so with a calm woman, Taurus will be bored. She will be annoyed by his constant play to the public.

Male Sagittarius. They are completely different psychotypes, so they can never find a point of contact: their relationship is initially doomed.

Female twins

She is romantic, always in the clouds. Cordial and faithful in love. Sociable and able to emphasize their advantages, can find a common language with any guy.

Perfect match

Male Cancer. They are both romantics, so it will be easy for them in life. He seeks true love, but she knows how to love like no other.

Male Libra. They are the perfect complement to each other, both on the physical and mental levels. He is purposeful and independent, she is plastic.

Unsuitable partner

Scorpio man This guy is hot and hot, and he’s also very jealous. Gemini can not live on the volcano of passion. It tires them.

Male Virgo. He is a secretive man that drives curious Gemini crazy.

Cancer woman

A kind and ambitious girl who is attracted to people who share her passions. She is intelligent and moderately emotional. Possesses a wonderful sense of humor, likes to laugh at others.

Perfect match

Male Libra. With this man, a Cancer woman can create an ideal relationship, not only love, but also business. He is able to keep balance, which allows her to feel safe.

Male Taurus. It is stable and fairly mundane. She is superemotional. But he can restrain her impulses.

Unsuitable partner

Scorpio man His passion is crushing a woman of Cancer. They are both jealous signs of the zodiac, and therefore will not be able to create a harmonious union, constantly seeing a nearby opponent.

Male Virgo. That she is, that he is a closed sign, so they will not be able to establish a normal communication link. They love to worry, but are afraid to admit that they, too, will alienate them from each other.

Woman lion

She loves herself, so she appreciates when others adore her. When she falls in love, she is faithful and indestructible. She is strong by nature, so it’s hard for weak people, but with a person with a similar temperament she can create an ideal relationship.

Perfect match

Male Twin. He is sincere, sympathetic and respectable. In it he admires diligence and indestructibility. He will idolize her forever.

Scorpio man He does not like to dominate relationships, but in bed he is always a leader, which is very attractive for Lionesses. They will become a devoted couple and, most likely, will never leave.

Unsuitable partner

Male Aquarius. This guy is too free, he does not know how to resist a strong Lioness, moving to himself or to the side to avoid problems. A lioness just swallow such a soft man.

Male Capricorn. He is a freedom-loving sign of the zodiac. Leo believes that only she can resolve and prohibit, so they cannot find points of contact with Capricorn.

Virgo woman

She is a mystery woman, not only for the stronger sex, but also for herself: she is often confused in her thoughts. Virgo is vulnerable, but always hides it.

Perfect match

Male Libra. He is adamant about his goals. If you fall in love, you will always achieve your goal. This will conquer the Virgin. This guy will treat her with care. Never hurt her.

Male Capricorn. This guy will be able to pull the Virgin out of the sink in which she loves to hide so much. She is a mysterious person, but for Capricorn she can reveal her secrets.

Unsuitable partner

Male Cancer. A virgin will not be able to find a common language with a person who is similar in something to her in character - just like she, he loves to catch and complain about the fate of the villain.

Pisces man. These signs are soft and insecure. Their relationship will be nervous due to understatement.

Woman scales

This woman knows what she wants from life, and until she gets what she wants, she cannot be stopped. Always seeks to get the best, including in relationships with the opposite sex. Energetic, sociable, able to find an approach to anyone.

Perfect match

Male Sagittarius. He is freedom-loving, she loves these, so their union will be harmonious. He hovers in the clouds, she returns it to the ground. They perfectly complement each other.

Male lion They are both loyal people. She always skillfully strokes his coat, he, happy and playful, challenges her. These two are a great tandem.

Unsuitable partner

Male Capricorn. He has no goal, which is very annoying to the purposeful girl Libra. She regards his thirst for adventure as laziness, she is boring for him. Initially, they are overwhelmed with passion, but the Libra girl quickly burns out.

Pisces man. She is heartless to this guy's impressionability. He does not like her honesty and rude frankness.

Scorpio Woman

This is the most difficult sign of the zodiac. Emotional, passionate, jealous and very demanding of the second half. The appetites of Scorpions in intimate life are staggering, and the evil language - offends. She is a strong girl, and if a man is interested in her, she will succeed.

Perfect match

Male Capricorn. This patient zodiac sign is the perfect partner for the fearless and passionate Scorpio girl. They have incredible chemistry in the intimate life, and the passion will never die down.

Male lion They are ardent and loyal partners, always find points of contact, both in intimate life and in business relationships.

Unsuitable partner

Scorpio man This guy will not be able to cope with the woman Scorpio. These signs are so sharp on the tongue that they cannot bear each other; they will sting and sting.

Male Twins. Romantic by nature, he can not stand the rigidity of Scorpio. She considers him annoying. In short, they are not a couple.

Female archer

She is fearless, therefore she is called the star of adventure. Woman Sagittarius is always guided by the heart, even if it brings her. Soul mate she is looking for the same as herself - freedom-loving and to love to travel.

Perfect match

Aries man. These signs are both carefree and light, never dramatize anything. Their relationship is filled with fun and sympathy.

Male Aquarius. This guy will always come to the aid of a Sagittarius woman in everything, both at home and at work. He will share her thirst for adventure. They are inventive in intimate life.

Unsuitable partner

Male Taurus. He is very mundane, lover of sitting at home, and not traveling around the world. A Sagittarius woman is annoyed by his thriftiness.

Male Virgo. He is a connoisseur of order and cleanliness that this Sagittarius woman, who always thinks only of herself, cannot give him.

Capricorn Woman

Witty person. She is rather closed, patient, purposeful and serious. Always achieve the desired. Solves all the problems with ease.

Perfect match

Pisces man. Capricorn woman will be able to calm the fish who is always going through the man. He will be able to dilute her excessive seriousness.

Male Virgo. Both of them are restrained in feelings, they feel good in each other’s company.

Unsuitable partner

Male lion A rather restless sign that Capricorns are so annoying. He loves to be in the center of events, for her the shadow is preferable. She is dry and practical for a male adventurer.

Aries man. He is a lover of adventures, she is a miss of logic, so they are not a couple.

Aquarius woman

Always ahead, because by nature - the creator, a lover of innovation. Her restrictions are annoying, as she is a rather freedom-loving person. Never attached to anyone.

Perfect match

Male Libra. He, like Aquarius, is sociable and social. They are creators, which also brings them closer. Intellectuals in life.

Male Twins. They are adorable, which always attracts attention to them. Their intimate life is exciting as they are both unpredictable. Twins, one of the few who will be able to keep this disobedient woman forever near.

Unsuitable partner

Scorpio man A jealous sign will not be able to tolerate a sociable girl. Her frivolity annoys him. She does not represent her life in a cage in which Scorpio wants to plant her.

Pisces man. Demanding a freedom-loving woman. These guys require a lot of attention, which the girl Aquarius cannot give them.

Woman fish

She is a sensitive, romantic, observant, creative woman. Moderately shy and sweet, she is rather scattered.

Perfect match

Male Cancer. They are both compassionate. They love to take care and gladly take care of themselves. They have a harmonious relationship, and the marriage will be strong and long.

Male Capricorn. Provides the necessary foundation for Pisces in a relationship, built on reverie. Capricorn is wise not to dwell on Fish distraction.

Unsuitable partner

Male Twin. He is too frank for vulnerable Fish. Gemini is annoyed in these women over-kindness and desire to help.

Male Libra. He is hard and straightforward, which brings Rybka to tears. She is a lover of loneliness, he is a man of society, which also pushes them away from each other.

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So, to create a perfect relationship, first of all, find out what sign of the zodiac you liked the guy, perhaps you should not get close to him, so as not to break his and his fate. Although, of course, it is better to follow your heart, it rarely deceives ...