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Milk millet porridge with caramelized pumpkin and raisins: a recipe with photos

If you need to quickly cook a delicious milk porridge, then you should pay attention to such a useful and tasty cereals, like millet. If it is properly cooked, then such porridge can please the whole family; Milk millet porridge with caramelized pumpkin and raisins is just such an unusual recipe.
Instead of raisins, you can add pieces of dried apricots or prunes to the finished dish, or make a mix of everything. Sweet porridge can be served at the table for breakfast, lunch. Milk millet porridge cooking time with raisins in a slow cooker - about an hour.

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Ingredients for millet porridge with caramelized pumpkin and raisins:

  • millet - 2 glasses,
  • water - 2 cups,
  • milk - 4 cups,
  • sugar - 0.5 cups,
  • butter - 50 grams,
  • pumpkin - 250 grams.


1) Peel the pumpkin, then wash it. Cut into cubes or small rectangles. Turn on the "Quenching" mode on the multicooker and put the pumpkin in the bowl.

2) Put the same piece of butter there.

3) And add 2-3 tablespoons of sugar. Stir well the contents of the bowl so that the oil becomes liquid. Simmer the pumpkin for about 10-15 minutes, stirring constantly. It should be soft.

4) When the pumpkin is caramelized, pour in the millet. It can be pre-rinsed under running water.

5) Fill with milk of any fat content.

6) Add water. Instead of water, you can use only milk. In this case, you will need 6 glasses of milk.

You can add some more sugar if you like sweet porridge.