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Evening makeup for blue eyes on mother-of-pearl textures: a step by step lesson with photos


Today we will create a gorgeous evening makeup for blue eyes. In this lesson with step-by-step photos, you will learn how to apply pearlescent pigments on the eyelid, which are so popular now. Also, you will learn to combine between the crumbly and dry texture of the shadows, which will make the makeup more saturated and evening.

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To create your evening blue eye makeup you will need:

  • nacreous shades in turquoise, violet, plum-golden, beige-golden, brown-green shades;
  • highlighter;
  • means for creating waterproof arrows;
  • black shadows;
  • black eyeliner;
  • resistant primer for eyelids;
  • tonal basis;
  • plum shadows;
  • dark blue shadows;
  • black kayal;
  • makeup brushes;
  • mascara.

Lesson on creating evening makeup for blue eyes

In order to make makeup was persistent, and mother-of-pearl shadows conveyed all their beauty, it is best to use a good base under the shadow (primer). We cover the entire skin of the face and eyelids with a thin layer of the tonal base. If the base under the shade is transparent, then apply it under a tonal tool, and if pearlescent or with a beige pigment, then on the tone. Since the makeup is evening, it is appropriate to clearly traced eyebrow.

Let's make a black liner underlay that will immediately deepen the makeup and make it saturated. We draw a black eyeliner arrow from the pupil and direct the tail to the temple. The arrow has a beautiful shape, gradually expanding along the curve of the upper eyelid.

Now this arrow needs to be shaded, observing the initially specified shape. After that, it will become more elongated and wide.

Apply beige-golden eye shadow with nacre to the corner of the eye. The layer of nacreous shadows should be dense and saturated.

Under the brow we will apply a highlighter with a very light pearly shine. With pigments, the makeup is bright, but at the same time due to their texture, we achieve a light haze. Therefore, you should not make a clear emphasis in the area under the eyebrow.

The top fold fill plum shade shadows. A more saturated color will come out of the outer corner of the eye and blend into the inner. Also with this shade we cover the tail of the arrow and as if we extend it.

Now we cover the arrow with black shadows and mix it with a plum shade. Duplicate the direction of the arrow and its shape, but at the same time blend well.

For the apple in the middle of the moving century, we apply brown nacre with a green overflow. Since we will have a turquoise color on the lower eyelid, they will play with each other.

The remaining area from the corner of the eye to the brown shade is filled with a translucent golden-plum. In this case, the shadows should be properly selected in saturation.

To get the purple arrow, you can mix a special tool and pearl shadows. Draw an arrow from the inner corner of the ciliary row. We do not bring it to the end, but smoothly dissolve in black from about the middle of the century.

Apply dark blue shadows to the lower eyelid, and fill the outer corner and eyelid under the arrow with a turquoise hue.

Stained with black waterproof kayal mucous and interplanar row. We apply black shadows on the lower eyelid, slightly shading them.

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We paint the eyelashes and just like that we performed makeup on pearlescent textures.