How to bind a man to yourself? 7 effective female tricks


Delicious food, beautiful linen, comfort in the house - these fundamental methods operate in marriage. But while it did not come to family relationships, in order to bind a man to him, it is necessary to use other methods. Attention, 7 effective female tricks that work flawlessly. We read, memorize, use!

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How to bind a man to yourself?

1. Correct praise on the verge of flattery

Men, as children, despite their age, status and life experience, are extremely important moral support. Do not skimp on the praise. Encourage them. Tell them affectionate compliments more often.

Dear young ladies, believe me, it will not lose you if you once again emphasize the dignity of the chosen one. Do not hesitate, confidently insist that he is the most intelligent, generous, strong, courageous.

2. Emphasize your helplessness and femininity

Even if you can stop a galloping horse and put out all the burning huts in this world, there is no need to report this.

Harmonious couple = strong man + weak woman. And nothing else. With this prioritization, he will strive to conform to the ideas, to fill the relationship palette with bright accents.

Want care and attention? Forget about nailing, screwing in bulbs and wearing gravity. As long as the “strong half” is near, you are a fragile and tender woman flower.

3. Listen to everything he says.

Men like to ponder, and sometimes just share their sorrows, joys, comment on current events. So why not wrap this weakness to your advantage? See, the chosen one needs “free ears,” provide them. Do not just pretend to be a sympathetic listener, but try to penetrate. Unobtrusively turn the monologue into a mutually pleasant conversation.

4. Use a name, not a nickname.

Puppy, cat, bunny - a kind of sugary vanilla at first touches, but gradually becomes a serious irritant. Do not lisp, contact by name. Especially, if you communicate with outsiders.

You still have not forgotten that it is necessary to emphasize in every way unobtrusively the masculine qualities of your chosen one, right ?!

5. Just do not take your eyes off

An intriguing look is an interesting female technique that does not hurt to practice. Adult boys love when young ladies look at them appreciatively. Just not like a fur coat in a store, but with sparks of delight, desire, admiration.

All that we, ladies, need, men think out themselves.

Take your time, make eyes at the mirror. Learn to express a look call, timidity, desire.

6. Who is working, who is caring ...

Nobody says that you need to immediately take on the role of mommy or housewife. But if you want to tie a man to yourself, surround him with unobtrusive care. Do not be lazy to periodically be interested in his affairs, ask about health, sometimes invite for dinner or lunch. Who would like a relationship in which one side only gives, and the second - only the host? Not. We are for equality, even if conditional.

7. Silence is gold!

Some life situations are better not to comment. The ability to feel and behave correctly in such cases is the highest female aerobatics. Silence is also useful in times of quarrels. Try instead of a thousand reproaches not to disturb the chosen one, not to respond to his messages for a day or two. He will appear himself, and even with apologies, flowers, champagne.

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These women's tricks work flawlessly, to bind to a man. Just try not to overplay!