10 types of men for whom women do not want to marry

There is a myth that most women are ready to marry for the sake of marriage itself. But actually this is not the case at all. Even the most patient girl still understands that she will not be able to withstand some male "jokes", which in the end will lead to a break in relations. It turns out that the fair sex has long behind the scenes compiled a list of 10 types of men whom women do not want to marry. Perhaps he will be very interesting and guys.

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10 types of men for whom women are afraid to marry

  1. Men of brutal profession - police, military, Emergency Ministry employees, etc. Every woman dreams of a cozy family nest in which they will live happily together with their loved ones. But what kind of happiness can we talk about when the military can at any moment be sent to a hot spot, a policeman can be killed during detention, and an EMERCOM worker can die during the performance of his duties to save people. In short, forever in fear - this is not for the faint of heart.
  2. Party-goer If a man is constantly involved in parties, which also spends a lot of money, then living with him is not very sweet. In addition, the party-goers do not sleep much, drink a lot, smoke, and not only cigarettes, and look appropriate - drunk, crumpled and not rarely smelling not in the best way. With such a bouquet of "wonderful" qualities, not every lady will agree to live. But if she is, of course, not a party girl.
  3. Five minutes to a millionaire. He thinks so, because he recently read a great book on making money. He always strove for this, but he did not succeed, as previously such authors did not come across, who all clearly described how to make a million. After reading, he goes into his reality, where there is success, recognition, cars, real estate and everything on the list that is necessary for this millionaire. But while he is sitting on the couch in a leaky sock and stretched T-shirt and dreams, dreams, dreams. And the beloved woman works, works, works.
  4. Extreme lover. Yes, he has a great job, maybe he even holds a leadership position, since his extreme hobby requires considerable expenses. Of course it's cool! But very dangerous. Few women are ready to constantly be in a state of fear, if he landed well with a parachute, swam out after diving, or fell from a cliff. In a word, emotional swings are guaranteed. Alas, women still prefer to lead a quiet lifestyle.
  5. Gigolo. Recently, there are a lot of such guys among us, because there is someone to “suck in” - a business woman in a dime a dozen. However, there are also men who, adhering to popular wisdom, that “on bezrybe and cancer fish,” are nailed and not to a very rich lady, but earning enough to have enough to eat, drink and look decent. Alas, not all women are ready to carry on themselves the burden of worries related to providing for their families. Still, we do not eradicate the knowledge that a man is a hunter who brings a mammoth, and his spouse is the keeper of the hearth, modestly waiting for his earner.
  6. Served a prison sentence. Of course, the man who returned from prison, has a certain charisma, at least for some women. But most of the women prefer the little man "with a clear conscience." After all, where is the guarantee that he will again not want to return to where he spent a considerable period of time. And it will start - trips to prison, dates, transfers, etc.
  7. Emotionally unbalanced. If a man is not restrained in his emotions, constantly shouts, uses inappropriate vocabulary in his vocabulary, as well as hysteria in critical situations, then not everyone will like it. Of course, it is impossible to immediately find out about his lack, he must be in a difficult position to show his face, then in another and more ... Every woman expects her second half - a wall, a rock, a fortress (each has its own version) for which you can hide, and not screaming creature, blaming everyone around for their problems.
  8. Alcoholic. It is impossible to recognize in him a passion for alcohol at the first meeting, as outwardly he is quite a pleasant man. But with a long acquaintance, he will not be able to hide his love for alcoholic beverages - Friday afternoon gatherings end on Sunday at lunch, in order to have time to sleep off before the working week; he always has a reason to drink, especially if he is treated (and he is treated constantly). And he accompanies his household chores with his hobby - he slowly sips beer, brandy or whiskey (who has enough money for that). Yes, among them the mass of men with golden hands. However, soon his inadequate behavior bothers the woman, and a break comes. So why start?
  9. Sissy. He is not capable of independent decisions, never takes the initiative. Most often, these boys grow in a family with a strong mother, and growing up, looking for the same domineering wife. Of course, they will find her, because how many are around the dominant women. But for the most part, the weaker sex still wants to remain weak.
  10. Bohemian representative. Women usually seek a partner for marriage that can provide them with a decent life, while Bohemians often have an unstable financial situation. Of course, you can wait for it to be recognized and great times will come. But, as practice shows, this rarely happens and not with all.
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When choosing a man, of course, first of all, the fair sex is guided by their feelings, but even the greatest love can never lead to marriage, if the guy is one of the 10 types of men for whom women do not want to marry.