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17 basic wardrobe items for a stylish, casual look.


Many girls are deeply mistaken, considering fashion and style as identical concepts. Fashion, as well as the weather, is very changeable, while the style is constant. Therefore, the ability to dress stylishly much more valuable than the ability to dress up in fashion.

Of course, in the arsenal of any woman there can be a lot of things and accessories of various styles and colors. However, it certainly should include the 17 most popular, time-tested basic things. They are universal. With their help, it is easy to create images that are relevant for any situation and time of day.

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Basic wardrobe items for a stylish casual look

1. Laconic White T-shirt

Every fashionista knows that you can not do without a concise white T-shirt. It can be worn under a shirt, combined with jeans, skirts or shorts. Many fashion bloggers prefer white T-shirts with a V-neck. Take note of this for yourself.

2. White blouse

A white blouse is an extremely useful and even necessary thing in any woman’s wardrobe. It can be worn with a skirt, jeans, shorts, worn under a sweater, vest or dress. You must admit that it is simply irreplaceable, which is why it definitely has the right to take an honorable place in the closet.

3. Pencil skirt

Should I use a pencil skirt in my everyday look? Yes, yes, and yes again. It favorably emphasizes your figure, while it is relevant for both day and evening boardwalk. Feel free to combine it with crop tops, blouses, cropped sweaters. It looks stylish and fresh.

4. Black jeans

Each woman of fashion should get a pair of nice black jeans of a strict cut, without holes and attritions. They look great not only with classic blouses, but also with mischievous T-shirts or tops.

5. Sweater tunic

You will never regret buying a sweater tunic. This thing is unique in that it combines style and comfort. It is quite long, so it can be safely worn with tight leggings or juggins. It is important that such an image is not only cozy, but also quite presentable.

6. Your perfect little black dress

Numerous fashion publications, famous designers and fashion bloggers in one voice assert that any girl should definitely have a black dress ala Coco Chanel. This is no surprise. But what about choosing your own perfect black dress for yourself? Do not like boring classics? Then give free rein to your fantasies. Choose a dress that will fully fit your character: it can be a lace version, a dress with an open back or original decoration. In it, you should feel like a femme fatale, a real femme fatale, able to conquer any man and the whole world to the bargain.

7. Black Blazer

If you consider yourself a fashionista, you probably already have a black blazer in your wardrobe. How else? It is easily combined with jeans (boyfriends, skinny, etc.), skirts, trousers, dresses. A black blazer will add elegance to your look.

8. Black leather jacket

The black jacket will always be the highlight of your everyday outfit. And we are talking not only about products made of genuine leather. The jacket from eco-leather will look no less stylish. The advantage of this thing is the ability to combine it with a variety of wardrobe items. As a result, you will look stylish, but without too much official traffic.

9. Classic trench

A classic trench, black or any other color, will be a very good investment in your image, as he is not at all in danger of going out of fashion. At the same time it is convenient and versatile. So, if you have “free” money, this thing is worth it to spend money on.

10. Big black cashmere scarf

A large black cashmere scarf should definitely be in your arsenal. Cashmere is warm and pleasant to the body material, which in any situation gives the desired feeling of comfort and warmth. Black is also not chosen by chance. It is basic, i.e. perfect for any color composition of casual attire. Of course, you can choose the material and color of your scarf. But the above proposed option is optimal.

11. Simple, graceful jewelry

Delicate jewelry is the best way to complement your appearance, without piling and burdening it with unnecessary elements. Thin rings and chains with pendants will add their charm, make the image much more interesting and even romantic.

12. Small cross-body bag

Another Must have any fashionista is a handbag cross body. Its popularity is quite understandable, since its multifunctionality and sophisticated look harmoniously blend together. It is perfect for walking, meeting with friends, going to the cinema and any other occasion when there is no desire to take a lot of things with you.

13. Simple black clutch

In this context, simple is not boring, but concise, elegant and strict. Black color is again chosen not by chance. Believe me, this clutch will become your favorite.

14. Bag tote

If you want to get a functional and at the same time elegant accessory, then this bag is tote. For many decades, it has undergone many changes, retaining, perhaps, only the size and shape. Tote bag is beautiful because it contains a lot of necessary things: documents, a cosmetics bag and even a netbook. However, it will not pile your everyday bow, as it looks simply and concisely. It is excellent not only for working days, but also for long journeys.

15. Classic black or beige ballet flats

It is worth emphasizing that these should be exactly classic ballet flats that will fit jeans, dresses or skirts. No extra decor, no flashy colors. Black or beige is the best choice in this context.

16. Black or beige shoes with heels

The wardrobe of any modern fashionista is absolutely impossible to imagine without good old shoes with heels. The only question is, what option will be the most versatile and stylish? Of course, stylists recommend buying concise, classic shoes in black or beige. Heel size depends solely on your preferences.

17. Black Ankle Boots

Black ankle boots look gorgeous on the leg. But, if you want to successfully combine them with various items of your wardrobe, make sure that there are no unnecessary decorative elements on them: fringes, rivets, chains, etc. Let them be concise and universal.

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Surely you noticed that all the proposed items of clothing are presented in a calm color scheme, they are not burdened with decorative details, so they look elegant and stylish. But, in contrast to the latest fashion trends, quickly leaving into oblivion, your basic wardrobe will always be relevant.