5 things to do in 20 years, not to regret it in 30

Age from 20 to 30 years is considered the most beautiful: carefree youth, minimum of duties, perfect toned body and no wrinkles. But no matter how great this decade may be, you still need to think about the future. After all, the fortieth anniversary looms ahead, and with it the middle age crisis and the analysis of past years, whether the work was correctly chosen, marriage or business partner and life goals ... Therefore, the period of 19-29 years should be lived so that it would not be excruciatingly painful afterwards.

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5 things to do in 20 years, not to regret it in 30

1. Save correctly. This skill will never be superfluous, because no one knows how your fate will be. Of course, when you earn a little money, even a small amount is hard to put off, but you need to try. We often buy things not because of their urgent need, but because they have a special offer, and spend literally the last money on an unnecessary purchase. In order not to fall into this marketing trap, use the “30 days to think” technique, proven by many, which is to give yourself a month to think before purchasing a thing. If after this period you do not get rid of the thought of making a purchase, do not refuse it. But quite often comes the understanding that it was only a fleeting desire. With this method you can easily save money, which means that in the future you will not repent of having been so wasteful.

2. To think about your body. In twenty years, you can eat everything without thinking about the extra kilos that can be deposited on your sides: at this age, fast metabolism and weight is almost not gained. But over the years, the metabolism slows down, and you still have to get rid of their bad habits. Moreover, resolutely and irrevocably. It is very difficult, so it is better to train your body to the right lifestyle gradually. Sign up at the gym, start your morning with fresh fruit juice, eat more vegetables. And you are mistaken, thinking that alcohol on weekends in large quantities does not affect the body, and irregular cleaning of the teeth on their condition. Even as it reflects, you will have an unpleasant meeting with a gastroenterologist and a dentist, as well as testing, many of them are quite painful and expensive. Therefore, it is better to take care of your health today. The same goes for smoking, ignoring sunscreen and good sleep. Take care of yourself!

3. To abandon relationships for the sake of relationships. This is a common mistake of the older generation - to build relationships with a person only for the reason that you have known him for a long time or are connected financially. Just understand that such a union will not bring anything good, and not only to you, but also to your partner. Yes, loneliness is not the best feeling, especially when everyone around is talking about it, but living with a person with whom you do not feel free and happy is also wrong, because the time spent on such a relationship cannot be returned. Do not be afraid to part because of the fear of loneliness - a lonely life can even be beautiful if you are free and independent.

4. Travel. Now is the perfect time for this, because you are not tied to work and family. Moreover, at your age you can do it alone, each time meeting new people and acquiring new connections. As you get older, you cannot afford it, even with enough money - the family will dictate its terms.

5. Thinking about a career. Many, before finding their vocation, try to try themselves in different areas. This is very good, because this is the only way you can find out what is really interesting for you, in order to later direct your energy in the right direction to achieve heights in a professional way. After all, to start everything from a clean slate at thirty or forty years is much more difficult, because, most likely, by this time you will have children with whom you can’t look for yourself - they need financial stability and confidence in the future. And, perhaps, it is precisely at this age that doubt and regret about the years spent aimlessly will come to you when you could not grab your dream by the tail.

So, if you are 20 years old, try to find time for yourself before your thirtieth birthday. Become an egoist. Focus on your goals. Love yourself and do not lose the moment when you can whatever you want. Perhaps after it will be too late.