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Blue makeup for brown eyes: a lesson step by step with photos

In this workshop, you will learn how to emphasize the beauty of brown eyes with the help of contrasting and saturated blue eyeshadow. The eyes become more expressive, and the look is more spectacular. See the blue make-up lesson for brown eyes with step-by-step photos.

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To create a blue makeup for brown eyes you will need:

  • blue eyeliner;
  • blue shadows;
  • brown shades in two shades (lighter and darker);
  • matte shade the color of the skin;
  • black kayal;
  • black shadows;
  • black eyeliner;
  • mascara;
  • brushes.

Lesson blue makeup for brown eyes with step by step photos

Slightly tint the skin and draw a beautiful eyebrow, suitable for evening makeup. Since we will apply the liner as a substrate, there is no need to apply powder to fix the tone. After doing the makeup, remove loose shadows, apply concealer and a second layer of tonal foundation.

Instead of a blue eyeliner, you can use cream shadows or a pencil. The main thing is that the texture was sticky and resistant. Apply eyeliner on the entire movable eyelid, and blend the border very easily, so as not to go beyond the upper fold. We derive a small tail that extends the movable eyelid and is directed to the temple. As a result, this detail resembles a wide arrow.

While the eyeliner is not dry, apply a dry blue shade of a very intense and dense layer. Due to the blue eyeliner, the color of the shadows will become saturated.

Draw the top fold with dark brown shadows. First, it will be clear, because you need to create a clear boundary. Then we gradually extinguish the shadows to the eyebrow up and to the temple. Shading is duplicated with lighter shadows to make the transition smooth. Shading continue the direction of the external arrow.

Under the eyebrow, apply a matte shade under the skin color to make the fixed eyelid more well-groomed and not overload with light pearl.

On the lower eyelid, apply a light brown shade and connect with the tail of the upper part. The shading should cover the entire lower eyelid.

From the inner corner of the lead black arrow eyeliner. If you have a small mobile eyelid, then make the arrow thinner. If the eyelid is open, you can experiment with the thickness of the arrow.

Approximately from the pupil, the arrow gradually expands and repeats the shape of the shading, finishing the tail in the direction of the temple.

Leaving the lower eyelid less intense for such make-up and eye color would not be entirely appropriate. Therefore, in the lower eyelid, we add a black color. Paint over the mucous with black kayal and add a pencil in the intercellular row, slightly shading.

Add black shadows on the pencil shade and remove this color to light brown. We bring the black color to the end of the arrow, gradually dissolving the shade.

We paint intensively eyelashes and thereby complete eye makeup.