How to flirt more successfully? Look at the sign of the zodiac!


Regardless of whether you are in search of the second half or just want to have fun, you will probably be interested to know how to flirt more successfully. As astrologers have found out, each zodiac sign has its own secret of flirting in order to enchant the desired object. More on this.

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How to flirt on the sign of the zodiac?


Aries is a straight sign, he likes to be a hunter in a love relationship. Maybe someone likes being persecuted to admit their feelings, but more often it scares them. Therefore, people born under the sign of Aries, should not be sprayed at all, but choose someone who is especially interested, and surround him with care and attention (these are not synonymous with obsession). Direct eye contact - this is Aries chip, which will definitely work.


People born under this sign are very old-fashioned, therefore coquetry is considered something low. And in vain. Of course, it is not necessary to go too far, but a light touch to the person of interest will help this sign to show its sympathy. You can start by touching your shoulder, no one will suspect that Taurus is attracted to this person, then you can touch it or hold it by the waist. If you get the feeling that the process has started, you can already touch the face, for example, remove the nonexistent eyelash. Although the latter method is more suitable for a Taurus woman, men can even fight back in the form of a slap in the face. But it's worth a try.


This sign, flirting, often chatters incessantly, throwing out all the jokes and jokes he knows about. This behavior is a big mistake. Wit is great, but the Twins will play a tone that will tell funny stories - in a whisper, in a deep and hoarse voice. It will be so much easier to seduce than to lick your lips and stroke your roundness, as do Gemini women, and also to pull your hands behind your head to show your wide chest - the fad of Gemini men.


Crayfish in love tend to be sticky and intrusive - they bite or lick their lips, take inviting poses, and also try their best to do something good for the one they like. Do not behave this way, it is better to work out a different tactic. Show interest, and then step back to allow the person you like to take a step forward. But you should not immediately respond with excessive interest - it is desirable to pause. This behavior is more likely to achieve the desired goal.

a lion

The lion is always in the center of attention, and therefore this sign must be “played” with glances. Keep your head high, shoulders straightened, to immediately feel who steers here. Try to restrain yourself in gestures, to minimize them. But it is necessary to speak in an interesting and well-set voice, moderately loud. So that the object of sigh can immediately realize how lucky he is that such a handsome and intelligent man paid attention to him.


This sign is a little shy and modest. Undoubtedly, this behavior attracts some, but still it is better to give any signs to the person you like, for example, using bright clothes or makeup - a great option to play with red color - scarlet dress or lipstick, burgundy jacket. Special gestures will also be appropriate - playing with your fingers, rubbing your palm, or stroking one hand with the other.


This sign - a born seducer - flirting, becomes less constrained, devilry appears in the eyes, and laughter rings like a bell, the number of fluids just rolls over. But do not spend too much energy on the one who is really indifferent. Weights need to learn to direct their charisma only to an interested person, then she will give up very quickly.


Not everyone knows that there are several types of flirting: one is playful, and the other is seductive and aimed at the complete and imminent conquest of a partner. So Scorpio succeeds in skillfully combining both in such a way that the object of adoration immediately turns out to be fascinated and conquered. They immediately fall in love and do not want to part. Because of this, this sign has many difficulties in relations with the opposite sex. Therefore, Scorpios should try to keep themselves under control, not spreading their vibes to everyone in a row, so as not to injure people in love with them.


This sign usually flirts assertively and frankly, using its beautiful sense of humor and its attractive appearance. However, when he does this, he often goes too far - frivolous jokes, indiscreet poses and winning angles. Therefore, it is advisable for Sagittarius to behave more modestly, remembering that women love simplicity, not artificiality, and men - straightforwardness.


This sign does not know how to flirt because of its natural complexion, it will most likely be rude to the person you like. Therefore, Capricorns, even if they are afraid to say something, it is recommended to smile more often and keep eye contact all the time, turn on sign language - lick lips, flirt the head coquettishly, play with hair. And most importantly, remember that flirting is not an invitation to the registrar. You can refuse it.


This sign flirts in a rather original way - it shows its amorous interest and immediately pretends that it is rather difficult to conquer. Aquarians always keep a loophole for themselves so that they can disappear at any moment, saying that it was a simple conversation. This behavior confuses the object of attention and he loses interest in Aquarius, so he should immediately be determined in his desires. So it will be easier for yourself and other people.


This sign will help to win a person only visual contact with him. No need to glance at or looking at ceilings - you only need to look into the eyes of someone who is interesting. Of course, it will not be easy right away, but it is necessary to learn this, as vulgar jokes - the defensive reaction of a confused Fish, are rather repulsive.

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Be sure to learn how to flirt, because to act on a whim is not always good. And astrology will help in this: it will tell you which sign is better to smile invitingly, which one - to lick your lips, and which one - timidly to look askance.