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Evening makeup under a green dress: a lesson step by step with photos


Today we will perform a light make-up in a fresh green shade with a delicate nacreous overflow. This evening make-up under a green dress can be attributed to the version of Smokey only in the upper eyelid. It is suitable as an evening, and especially as a makeup for graduation.

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To create evening makeup for a green dress, you will need:

  • gray-brown eyeliner;
  • matte light shade in neutral shade;
  • pearl shadows with green overflow;
  • dark blue shadows;
  • green shadows;
  • light pearl shade in turquoise hue;
  • black eyeliner;
  • brushes;
  • ink.

Step by step lesson evening makeup under a green dress

Instead of a pencil, you can use absolutely any substrate that will firmly fix the shadows and make the color more saturated. If you chose a pencil, then it should be medium in stiffness.

This type of makeup is perfect for owners of a wide fixed eyelid, since a large shading will only aggravate this situation. Also, make-up will perfectly adjust the volume eyelid, since it slightly pulls it out and darkens it, thereby reducing the volume.

We draw a corner of the upper eyelid with a sharp end, thereby prolonging the shape of the eye. The first line extends from the outer corner and is directed to the temple, then we lead the line to the upper fold.

Grab the pencil to the inner iris of the eye and completely fill the resulting arrow.

Now the borders of the pencil must be shaded, which will increase the arrow, but do not go beyond the upper fold. We extinguish with a flat brush the upper border to the head of the eyebrow, and the upper to the temple. At the same time we constantly keep the original form.

So that the shadows on the pencil border are not stuck, we will go around with a fluffy brush in light opaque shadows.

Now the top shading is completely covered with pearl shadows in a green shade. Application should be dense, starting 0.5 cm before the end of the shading and after 0.5 cm.

From the edge of the arrow receding a few millimeters. According to the form we put the darkest blue color and stew in the shape of a pencil.

Mix dark blue with green. We will get a beautiful emerald overflow. With this color, bring the shading to the end of the pencil.

For a smoother transition and a festive effect, we use mother-of-pearl shades in a light turquoise hue. Apply them, starting with the shading to the inner corner of the eye.

Slightly display the pearl color in the fold area.

Finish work with the upper eyelids with the arrow. With a thin line we lead it from the inner corner and gradually thicken to the outer. As a result, we fill the free space from the pencil and complete the arrow.

Matt light color is applied under the eyebrow. If pearl shadows are applied, brute force and light shadows can only increase the volume of a fixed eyelid.

Lower eyelid slightly bring turquoise or dark blue shade.