11 facts that predict your love will last forever

Have you ever wondered why people fall in love? Say fate? In fact this is not true. A team of scientists led by psychologist Samantha Joel from the University of Utah asked volunteers to fill out questionnaires with their personality traits and those that they would like to receive in a potential partner. After analyzing them, they came to the conclusion that love for someone does not come by chance: it turns out that the other half is chosen based on common interests and common character traits. It is important under what circumstances the meeting took place. In short, there are a lot of facts, which many do not even realize why people fall in love, and, moreover, for centuries. More on this.

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Facts that say your love will last forever

  1. Created ideal. When a partner meets at least partially invented the standards of your ideal second half, then this is a huge chance that love will never end. For example, you have dreamed all your life to meet a man with blue eyes or a blonde with long legs. Seeing the dream object, the brain gives a signal to the heart. Chemistry worked.
  2. Open book. If you live together, then most likely you know a lot about each other, both good and bad, which means you know in advance what kind of person you are. But it is important not only emotional unity, but also physical. So scientists have found that students living in neighboring rooms, much more often became marriage partners than even those who lived next door on the floor below. It turns out that one of the main reasons for “love in a neighborly way” is passive interaction - short meetings while walking along the corridor, a common bathroom, a collision at the door, etc. Initially, friendships play a huge role in enhancing mutual attractiveness.
  3. Opposites do not attract. We were told all the time that people with opposing traits complement each other, so they are ideal partners. Scientists have denied this fact. They believe that just people who are similar in appearance and mentally will come together faster and will be able to maintain long-term relationships. After all, they feel the same way, think the same way, react equally to conflicts, problems, joys, which greatly facilitates mutual understanding between them. So, a man-spender will never understand a woman who hides all her savings in stockings; accordingly, the girl who loves the bohemian way of life will not appreciate the modest way of life of a hard-working guy. They simply can not be together.
  4. Sincerity. According to the researchers, if a person is open in his feelings and emotions, then he does not have a second bottom. Of course, it is not necessary for the first comer to talk about his secrets, frankness over the edge may even scare. But to allow me to smile or to admit in a relaxed manner that “forever I forget where I put the keys to the house, my head is full of holes” is possible and even necessary. Thus you show that you are the same ordinary person who also has flaws. This will help your partner to feel next to you easier. Those who love to make a secret out of their lives simply push them away. That is why we choose sincere and genuine people as partners.
  5. Social status. Perhaps this will seem obsolete to someone, but the fact remains. People are looking for the other half of those who have achieved something in this life. It doesn't matter if he is a commercial director or a simple mechanic with a high salary, the main thing is that a person can provide a family, he has a wide circle of acquaintances among influential persons, that is, he has weight in society.
  6. Danger. If people do something dangerous together, then they begin to pull each other like a magnet. So, the scientists conducted an experiment, during which they divided the participants into two groups. Some couples met on a wide and beautiful bridge, others - on a high, unstable. They were offered, if desired, to exchange phones. So, among the “tall men” who wanted to find out the partner’s phone number, there was more. Therefore, it is not surprising that people who have survived something together - an accident, an elevator stop, a parachute jump, are drawing closer, moreover, forever.
  7. "Infection with feelings." It is amazing, but the more we like someone, the more likeable people become to us. In his presence, you begin to feel calm and confident, because you probably know that he will laugh at your joke, understand and support, even if you make a mistake. A person in love with you, as it were, “infects” with his fervent feelings - in your pair there appears synchronicity in everything: thoughts, words, actions, from which you don’t want to get rid of.
  8. Circle of interests. The more common interests you have, the more you attract each other. For example, if you suddenly find out that your acquaintance likes to start his day with a cup of coffee, while turning on the music of your favorite group, then it is likely that soon you will be together. And the more you learn the habits, hobbies of another person and see the similarity, the stronger your love affair will be, because you have found "your person."
  9. Emotional preparation. The longer you search for your love, the easier it is for you to fall in love with someone. Surely, everyone has a girlfriend or boyfriend, who are supposedly hardened loners, not ready for a relationship. But as soon as someone in their life appears who has paid attention to them, has taken care, they instantly reciprocate, moreover, in triple size.
  10. External circumstances. Quite often, the beginning of a long relationship becomes a sudden complaint about the authorities or bad weather, a story about a quarrel with a neighbor or about the cheerful disposition of your beloved pet. And, if by chance your interlocutor has the same problems, you can be sure that a spark will definitely run between you.
  11. Smell. People can fall in love if they smell a pleasant smell. This may be a certain perfume, perhaps it was used by the person with whom you were close, the scent of freshness, or, conversely, the combination of the smell of sweat and cologne or perfume. With a “properly smelling” person, you can live your whole life.

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As you already understood, love can last forever thanks to such seeming trifles as smell, timbre of voice, joint fear or a common problem. The main thing is in time and to “sniff” and tell about yourself.