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Color makeup - a lesson with a photo. How to combine bright colors

How to combine bright colors? If you need to make a color make-up with bright shadows or just your soul requires it, then it is very important to know how to use them correctly and to combine shades with each other. On the example of today's makeup, you will see how easy it is.

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To create colored makeup you will need:

  • palette of bright shades of shadows;
  • highlighter;
  • golden shadows with fine mica;
  • black eyeliner;
  • ink;
  • makeup brushes.

Lesson colored makeup "How to combine bright colors?"

Since we will work with bright pigmented shades, we need them to give their color completely. Then make-up will be saturated due to the substrate. Apply the primer to the eyelids, and then cover it with a tonal base. Evenly distribute the tone on the skin of the eyelids and face.

Apply highlighter in the corner of the eye and under the eyebrow. This will give a natural glow and will not translate into an accent. In addition, it will be easier to shade the following shades of shadows on such a highlighter texture.

We begin to perform makeup with the application of shadows on the outer corner. Fill the movable eyelid with a color gradient from green to orange. First we extinguish the green until almost the middle of the century. Then we erase it with yellow and remove the color to orange. It turns out that we mixed three shades, and got a few more. These colors are all similar and perfectly matched.

Orange shade we take away in bright pink. This color is compatible with orange, so we bring it to a green from a still century.

Carefully continue the shading over the green, without mixing them together. Caution is shown only because when mixing these two colors form a gray dirty shade.

Green color is perfectly combined with violet hues. We can get it by mixing pink and blue together. Therefore, duplicate the shading of pink shadows. Slightly dim the outer corner of the rolling eyelid, extinguishing the blue color to green. So we made the makeup more saturated and added a gradient from blue to green. We take away the tail of the shading to the temple, extending it as we want.

If you want to smooth out the bright shades and make them less saturated, you can additionally apply pearlescent golden shadows with fine mica on your eyelids. This will give extra shine and make the makeup softer.

We bring the middle of the lower eyelid with pink shadows, erase with blue to get purple. We connect them in one tail. The line on the lower eyelid is smooth. You can easily use ready-made purple shadows. Since the pink color is used in the make-up, mixing with blue is more than appropriate.

We finish the make-up with a beautiful clear arrow in black. From the inner corner the arrow will be thin and then gradually thickens towards the end of the eyelashes. Tail draw in the same direction in which the shadow shading goes.