How to part with a guy on the sign of the zodiac

Love is a wonderful feeling, giving a lot of joy, happiness and other positive emotions. However, it is short-lived. Since the break in relations is a fairly common phenomenon, everyone will be interested in information on how to part with a guy on the sign of the zodiac. And this will tell Donna Page - a professional astrologer and psychologist. Donna will tell you how to do this without negative consequences for you, because the reaction of the former half after the break can be quite ambiguous, if not to say, aggressive. So write down ...

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How to part with a guy on the sign of the zodiac?

Aries. Breaking a relationship with Aries is quite dangerous, because this sign is aggressive and hot-tempered, so in a fit of anger can break a lot of firewood. Abandoned Aries will begin to hate, moreover, even that to which it feeds great passion. Therefore, before confessing your decision to him, you need to weigh all the pros and cons, make sure that you are confident in your actions, well, and then, having gathered air, chop off your shoulder. Only after that do not be surprised that your ex passes by you as if you are not familiar at all. Aries - he is.

Taurus. This sign always weighs its actions and decisions, and expects the same from its other half. Therefore, part with Taurus so as not to hurt his sense of dignity, and there is a high probability that you will remain friends, moreover, very good ones. He will come to the rescue in a difficult situation, will give his strong shoulder, even despite your decision. After all, this sign is not used to showing its horns, if you do it in a good way. But even if during the last conversation you didn’t say the most flattering words addressed to him, don’t worry, there will be no revenge, just cold and ignoring.

Twins. You can even part with them via the Internet or via a message. The twins will calmly take it and immediately rush into the maelstrom of public life. They will not even talk about what happened to others, and to find out what cats are scratching their hearts, you can only carefully read the statuses in social networks. And, if you suddenly realize that you were wrong and decide to return the previous relationship, nothing happens. Twins do not enter twice into the same water.

Crayfish. This sign is very difficult to endure parting - it will stop you from this decision by all means. She will begin by explaining that this is a temporary misunderstanding, and will end up with pursuit and waiting for you at work, under the porch, at a sports club. He will beg you to return using different methods, may even threaten suicide. He will leave you alone only when he meets a new love.

A lion. He will feel that you want to leave him, so the conversation will start first. After all, your desire to leave you hurt his ego. He wants to leave with dignity. The lion will not show how he suffers; he will do so silently. Even friends will not know about it. He may have a plan for revenge, but he never implements it.

Virgo. The abandoned Virgo loses faith in her own strength, so you need to be careful with this sign. It is advisable to blame yourself for all sins, otherwise the guy will become disheartened, remembering his mistakes and mistakes. If you suddenly feel sorry for him and you decide to start all over again, he will be ready for the relationship again. But now Virgo will behave quite differently, helpfully and correctly, to again prevent the previous missteps. This behavior will annoy him and you. And in the end, you still parted.

Libra. This is a good guy, so it is very easy to part with him, he will not make scenes, but he will suffer a lot. If you do not want to break the scales, let your gap be thoughtful. Explain to him that you are different, but at the same time emphasize his virtues - dedication, good breeding, wit, etc., in a word, you are far from him. After these words, you will not just remain friends, but best friends. By the way, with a former guy born under the sign of Libra, you can later stir up some business - he will not fail.

Scorpio. This is a vengeful sign, so after parting with him you will find a lot of "interesting". His revenge is sophisticated and insidious. He can bear it for years, and then present it, for example, by scolding you with a new guy or by persuading the authorities to fire you. But after the act of revenge is committed, he, happy, will forget about you forever. So wait until he achieves the desired goal, and live peacefully.

Sagittarius. Sagittarius, after he was thrown, will not fight hysterically and rush to his feet. He will leave beautifully and with a sense of dignity, if you have acquired something in common, then everything will remain for you, Sagittarius above the material. He simply believes that the gap is the beginning of something new and interesting, so he immediately enters the following relationship.

Capricorn. You can safely tell your soulmate about the breakup. He will immediately collect his things and plunge into the work. Surrounding even know will not be that in his life there have been some changes. Over time, you can even become a business partner, he will behave like a professional, without a hint of past relationships.

Aquarius. This sign will think that your separation is a punishment for any sins or offenses. Therefore, do not be surprised if, after your break, you will hear that he is in a sect or has hit the sport. Thus, it is improved for future relationships. By the way, Aquarius may try to return to you again after the upgrade, but if you do not accept them, then for them it will not be a blow, but a signal to make yourself even better.

Fish. If you decide to part with Pisces, then find a secluded place where no one will disturb you, and talk heart to heart, do not be afraid to open up before him. He will understand everything. If you play up, it is fraught with his disappointment in himself and in others. Believe me, a heartfelt conversation is the best decision, which, firstly, will not break him, and secondly, in his eyes you will be a good and honest person.

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We hope that these recommendations will help you to part with a guy easily and painlessly. There is a big chance that you will even remain friends, but this only depends on his zodiac sign, since some, as you understand, are not ready to forgive and be friends. Love you and strong relationships.