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Foods to avoid in the evening to sleep soundly at night

Sleep plays a huge role for the human body. Its deficiency can cause many diseases. Firstly, because of constant insomnia, the immune system is weakened, respectively, a person cannot withstand infections, secondly, pains in muscles and joints begin to torment, thirdly, mental health suffers - aggression, nervousness or total apathy appears. In short, regular lack of sleep is a big problem, which some people even aggravate by eating wrong before bed. It turns out that there are foods that should be avoided in the evening to sleep soundly at night. They can be divided into five groups: fats, refined carbohydrates, animal proteins, coffee and dishes containing more than 200 calories.

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13 products "stealing" sleep

  1. Coffee. Everyone knows that caffeine interferes with a strong and healthy sleep, as it invigorates the nervous system. At night, on the contrary, it is necessary to relax.
  2. Tomatoes. They are abundant in tyramine, an amino acid that causes the brain to release norepinephrine. It stimulates brain activity, thereby preventing sleep.
  3. Chocolate. Even bitter, which is considered much more useful than milk, and especially white, you should not eat before bedtime. After all, it contains caffeine, which stimulates the nervous system. As for milk, then in it, besides milk, you can find in abundance fats and sugars that make you feel weakened, especially in the morning time of day.
  4. Marmalade. A handful of gummies dramatically increases blood sugar levels, and then it drops sharply. The body reacts to these fluctuations by enhanced insulin production, thereby taking such jumps under control. Certainly, marmalade will fall asleep, but in the middle of the night you will have to wake up from bouts of hunger due to sharp drops and rises in sugar.
  5. Fruits. They are very tasty and healthy, so some nutritionists even recommend eating cherries before bedtime. However, all fruits contain sugar, which provoke bloating and flatulence, which does not allow to sleep.
  6. Bread. Carbohydrate foods should be consumed in moderation to prevent digestive problems. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat flour products before bedtime.
  7. Pizza. Besides the fact that it consists of bread rich in refined carbohydrates, it is also sprinkled with cheese, fatty sausage is added. These products are digested for a very long time, thereby causing discomfort and interfering with restful sleep.
  8. Ice cream. Even the fruit in itself contains a lot of saturated fat, which decompose the digestion, an imbalance occurs.
  9. Celery. It is a light product that is recommended for use in all diets, but it has diuretic properties that make you wake up while you sleep with a full bladder. By the way, for the same reason you should not eat watermelons, cucumbers, radishes and other diuretic products.
  10. Chips. They contain only fat and empty calories, that is, they do not satisfy hunger. Therefore, it is better to eat dried fruits, they will bring the same pleasure, but do not harm sleep.
  11. Alcohol. It helps to fall asleep faster, but it is very high in calories. In addition, it dehydrates the body, altering the digestive and metabolic processes. And that's not all - alcohol disrupts the rapid stage of sleep, and its lack of a negative impact on memory, concentration and motility.
  12. Red meat. If after dinner there was a piece of red meat, then it is better to leave it for tomorrow. It has a lot of proteins with fatty layers that are slowly absorbed: the body, instead of sleeping, will be engaged in the digestion of food.
  13. Spicy sauce. There are many lovers to eat spicy, but it is better not to indulge in this pleasure before going to bed, otherwise heartburn can make adjustments, forcing at night to stay awake.

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Sacrificing a night's sleep is not the best idea. After all, you can eat at any time, but quality sleep is possible only at night. How to be, if suddenly the stomach requires a snack before bedtime? You can drink some milk while holding two or three cracker stuff: that’s enough to last without a hungry faint until breakfast.