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Seductive bright makeup for dark hair and blue eyes: a lesson step by step with photos

In this lesson we will look at a bright make-up for dark hair and blue eyes, which many girls may dream of, but do not know how to properly and beautifully make up. This makeup is very seductive, it enlarges the eyes and makes them more expressive. Also, it is suitable for both evening and for a wedding image.

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To create makeup for dark hair and blue eyes you will need:

  • light and dark brown shadows;
  • bright blue shadows;
  • black eyeliner;
  • ink;
  • light shadows in the corner of the eye;
  • brushes.

Lesson seductive makeup for dark hair and blue eyes step by step

For this type of makeup is better to prepare the eyelid. Namely: on the cleaned skin put the base under the shadow. This is to ensure that the shadows are not imprinted on the eyelid. This is especially true for owners of a little overhanging century or those who have folds. After the base is absorbed, apply a thin layer of a tonal base and fix everything with powder or shadows in a bright shade. This is necessary so that the main color is well shaded.

Let's start makeup with drawing the top parts in the crease of the eyelid. Where exactly this detail will be located, you will be able to understand if you look at yourself in a mirror with an even head. If you have a pronounced fold, eyelids without folds and the upper eyelid does not hang, then it is immediately clear that the shadow will come from the depths of the depression. If the eyelid is hanging or with folds, then the shadow will come from the depth of the fold.

First, draw a rich line in dark brown. We extinguish this line, picking up shadows on the brush. We take away a shading to the temple, the shape of which will be identical to the shape of the lower bend of the eyebrow.

In order for the transition to be smoother, and make-up natural, on the edge of the shading we will go through a light brown shade of shadows. This will create a beautiful gradient.

Intensively bring the lower eyelid, first dark brown, and then complete the shade with a light shade. We connect the tail of the lower and upper eyelids at one point, which will be directed to the temple. In the middle of a moving century, a space was formed that resembles a broad light arrow. This is what we initially sought. We clear a mobile eyelid from the showered shadows.

We decorate the corner and the area under the eyebrow with light shadows to make highlights.

For the next step, you can choose absolutely any color of the shadows. Especially if it concerns wedding makeup, then you can choose delicate peach, beige and other similar shades. We apply them to all the free space and carefully work out the zone of the thin arrow.

We also cannot disregard the growth zone of eyelashes. Draw a thin black arrow to give the look depth.

For an additional effect, we bring the mucous in the same color. If you have persistent shadows, then you can do only them. You can apply a pencil and then the shadow. Or immediately put a pencil or eyeliner in the desired color.