The most evil signs of the zodiac: rating

Often catch yourself thinking that you want someone to get revenge or hurt for a living? This does not mean that you are a bad person. Most likely, the wine in the zodiac sign under which you were born. Experts in the field of astrology have figured out which are the most evil signs of the zodiac. Take a look at this rating. Perhaps your sign here too.

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The most evil signs of the zodiac. Rating desperate cruelties

  1. The leading place among the evil zodiac signs took Scorpio. In appearance they are friendly and caring people, many of them even consider them to be naive. But this is only a mask, worn in order to hide constantly raging emotions. Although they are constrained for the time being. Once their patience is exhausted, it is impossible to stop the Scorpions - they are transformed into a cruel machine of revenge, destroying everything in its path. This is the most dangerous enemy, who, by the way, never regrets the troubles caused to others. After all, this is all for revenge.
  2. Aries. A cheerful, cheerful zodiac sign that will always come to the rescue. It is never boring with him. In short, Aries seems to be a wonderful person, but this is still his good mood. If suddenly someone spoiled him for him, then he needed to run, moreover quickly ... He starts up with a half-turn, ready to crush the object of his hatred. And no arguments and requests for peace will be able to solve the problems, therefore among the Aries-men one can often meet some inveterate fighters, while women kill morally.
  3. Capricorn. This is a cold-blooded enemy who fights with his enemy until his complete destruction. He always comes out victorious because he carefully studies the weaknesses of the opponent in order to strike at the patient himself. But I would like to note that Capricorns rarely take revenge, because it really is very difficult to annoy them. They become ruthless only if their pride is hurt.
  4. Twins. Perhaps the fact that Gemini hit the top five leaders of the evil signs of the zodiacs will surprise many. After all, these are very nice and cheerful people. From the outside it seems that they are not touchy at all. But this is not so, because it is very easy to wound a Gemini, only he will not show it, but he will remember and will definitely take revenge, moreover at the most unexpected moment, so that it will be very painful. Therefore, it is better to be friends with this sign, and if some kind of quarrel arises, then leave as soon as possible and not show up to his eyes for a long time.
  5. Crayfish. If you look at these witty, funny and good-natured people, you get the impression that there is no more beautiful than them. And then you can not argue. They will show their real face only after they are severely wounded. With their desire for revenge, they can not cope. Make it so that the abuser remembers forever.
  6. Fish. This sign does not like when interfering in his personal life. Who dares to do this, he will be in hell, arranged by Pisces. Heads will fly not only the offender, but also his inner circle.
  7. A lion. He does not like to reckon with the opinions of others, thinking that everyone should do what he wants. Therefore, it seems that Leo is angry. But it is not. He just has such a character - to indicate, but not everyone likes it. But the vindictive Leo can be called - he will never forgive betrayal, lies, and those who do not appreciate his kindness.
  8. Taurus. This sign is very stubborn, because of this trait it often flares up, but it quickly departs. Especially if he is asked for forgiveness. His quickness rather refers him to the list of not evil signs, but emotional ones.
  9. Sagittarius. Can hurt his word sharply said in his address. But Sagittarius has such a feature - everything is quickly forgotten. The only thing they cannot forget is the success of those whom they considered weaker than themselves in professional terms. In this case, they will easily substitute this person in order to rise again in the eyes of the leadership.
  10. Libra. This is a peaceful and civilized sign that never quarrels. He can only be angry at interfering with his inner world. By Libra it is better not to climb into the soul, so as not to be under the avalanche of indignation, often manifested by oppressive silence.
  11. Virgo. They hate those who take what belongs only to them. In this case, the Virgin is ready to break into small pieces. But, if you do not claim their personal, then with this sign you can live in peace and harmony.
  12. Aquarius. The most patient sign, so you need to really try to piss him off, and even more to make revenge. Unless someone offended their loved one, for example, a child or a loved one. Therefore it is better not to do this.

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Now that you have learned what the most evil signs of the zodiac, it will be easier for you to explain your anger or someone else’s anger, and also try to avoid conflict situations, knowing that it can annoy one or another representative of the zodiac constellation.