The richest signs of the zodiac according to Forbes magazine

Astrologers say that birth date is not the last factor influencing material well-being. One cannot but agree with them. For example, have you ever wondered who the famous billionaires by horoscope? Using last year's data, we ranked the richest zodiac signs according to Forbes magazine. An interesting list turned out! We offer to get acquainted with the results and, of course, reflect on their own potential.

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The rating of the richest signs of the zodiac according to Forbes magazine

12th place. Crayfish

Those born in June-July have mental strenght, persuasive skills, loyalty to others, they love to learn. But they are also characterized by capriciousness, suspicion, a tendency to manipulation.

There are few Forbes members among the Rakovs - just five. Most famous:

  • most influential Asian businessman, founder of Cheung Kong Holdings - Li Ka-Shing, owner of assets worth $ 31.3 billion;
  • The founder and CEO of Tesla Motors, the idol of young hackers, Ilon Musk, whose fortune was estimated at $ 13.9 billion;
  • “Beer queen” - Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken, owner of $ 12.6 billion

11th place. Virgin

Star patrons orient them to success in financial affairs. Virgin, as a rule, practical, have an analytical mindset. Working on their own, they force others to work as well, although they are sometimes offended by evil criticism.

Among the representatives of this zodiac sign are also 5 billionaires. True, their condition is bigger than that of Rakov. The brightest personalities:

  • "The Wizard of Omaha", the famous patron of the arts - Warren Buffet, the owner of $ 75.6 billion;
  • founder of Alibaba Group, one of China’s 10 greatest entrepreneurs, Jack Ma, whose assets valued at $ 35.5 billion;
  • The 17th in the list of the most influential people in the world, the Brazilian - Jorge Paulo Lehmann, whose fortune is $ 25.5 billion.

10th place. Sagittarius

Generous idealists, they have an extraordinary sense of humor. However, Sagittarius is also famous for the inclination to make unrealistic promises. They can be both diplomatic and very impatient.

There are 6 people on the Forbes list who were born in November-December, among them:

  • the Gopi and Shri Induya brothers, who own the Hinduja conglomerate, hold capital of $ 21 billion;
  • CEO of Fidelity Investments, which is one of the twenty most influential women in the world, - Abby Johnson - the owner of $ 16.5 billion;
  • The richest inhabitants of Foggy Albion are the Ruben brothers. Their assets are estimated at $ 15.3 billion.

9th place. Fish

In financial matters, the representatives of the water element are greatly helped by the subtle flair of any situation, the ability to quickly adapt to current conditions. Their misfortune is excessive gullibility and a penchant for adventurism.

Among the richest Pisces:

  • Number 1 on the list of the most influential Europeans, President of LVMH Corporation - handsome Bernard Arno, whose condition is estimated by experts at $ 70.2 billion;
  • advertising and computer genius - Michael Dell, who owns $ 20.4 billion;
  • Australian and American media mogul, owner of 21st Century Fox and News Corp - Rupert Murdoch - $ 13.1 billion

8th place. Twins

Persons born under this sign learn quickly and are incredibly efficient, often generating original ideas. They are also distinguished by curiosity and developed skills of the opportunists. And to get well settled in life is prevented by indecision, inconsistency of actions.

In the Top 100 billionaires Gemini occupy 7 seats. Among them are people you probably heard about:

  • one of the famous heirs of the Walmart store chain, Jim Walton, has amassed assets worth $ 34 billion;
  • also a follower of family traditions, Canadian magnate specializing in media technologies - David Thomson - $ 27.2 billion;
  • our former compatriot, and now a British national, Leonid Blavatnik, owns $ 20 billion.

7th place. Capricorns

Their strong qualities: responsibility, discipline, self-control, irrepressible desire for leadership. Alas, Capricorns are not perfect. But excessive conservatism, inability to navigate in unforeseen situations, excessive tediousness often prevent them from reaching heights.

In Forbes, 7 wealthy Capricorns are mentioned, including:

  • Jeff Bezos, the richest person on the planet (according to 2018), the owner of Amazon, Washington Post and the aerospace company Blu Origin, has accumulated as much as $ 113 billion;
  • The successful Brazilian financier, Joseph Safra, is the rightful owner of $ 24.1 billion;
  • Mr. "Norilsk Nickel", our compatriot - Vladimir Potanin, whose assets are estimated by experts at $ 14.3 billion.

6th place. Aquarius

Independent, original and progressive geniuses, they treat money casually. They easily earn money, but without regret they part with considerable soums. Representatives of this sign would not hurt financial judgment.

Nevertheless, 8 Aquarius still acquired a serious condition. Among them:
  • The first line of Forbes 2010-2013, the Mexican telecommunications magnate - Carlos Slim Elou - $ 54.5 billion;
  • ex-mayor of New York, a successful financial analyst - Michael Bloomberg, earned $ 50.4 billion;
  • Japanese businessman, founder of UNIQLO brand network - Tadashi Yanai, owns $ 15.1 billion.

5th place. Taurus

The stars gave them everything to lead and control. Taurus reliable, patient, practical, responsible. But some traits of character sometimes seriously hinder them, namely: stubbornness and uncompromising.

8 Taurus were able to overcome all obstacles and hit the Forbes. You've probably heard of at least a few:

  • billionaire retiree, former vice president of Koch Industries - David Koch - $ 60 billion;
  • Facebook founder and CEO, hacker by vocation - Mark Zuckerberg earned $ 56 billion;
  • Frau-BMW and the richest woman in Germany, Suzanne Klatten, owns $ 21 billion.

4th place. Scorpions

Courage, resourcefulness, determination, charisma - it's all about them. Such qualities help Scorpios to develop a successful business. And on the other side of the scale: the tendency to self-digging, distrust and light madcap.

Familiar personalities again (there are 9 of them in Forbes):

  • the most famous rich man is Bill Gates - $ 90 billion (second line after Bezos);
  • Chinese entrepreneur and politician - Wang Jianlin, whose property is estimated at $ 31.3 billion;
  • Lauren Powell Jobs - the widow of the founder of Apple, has a fortune of $ 20 billion.

3rd place. Libra

Clever diplomats, they seek harmony in all spheres of life. And despite the indecision characteristic of Libra, they own an honorable third position in the ranking of the richest signs of the zodiac.

10 lucky people bathe in inconceivable luxury, including:

  • The successful and famous heiress of Walmart American corporation is Alice Walton (her brother is listed in paragraph 8 of the rating), with $ 33.8 billion;
  • The largest shareholder of a popular clothing manufacturer - H & M - Stefan Persson, owning $ 19.6 billion.

2nd place. Lions

Creative nature, pleasing others with generosity, kindness and vitality. They also have disadvantages: stubbornness, bouts of laziness, excessive arrogance. However, this does not prevent them from occupying the second position of the rating.

10 billionaires, Lviv, became world famous, among them:

  • founder and former head of Oracle - Larry Ellison, whose fortune experts estimate at $ 52.2 billion;
  • One of the founders of Google, Sergey Brin, is poorer than his partner (by $ 900 million), he owns assets worth $ 39.8 billion;
  • Francois Pino, owner of the upscale designer houses Gucci and Yves St Laurent, owns $ 15.7 billion.

1 place. Aries

Star pets are endowed with an excellent set of personality traits: masculinity, confidence, dedication, honesty. The money itself floats into their hands. Although Aries are also characterized by capriciousness, impatience, unmotivated aggressiveness, impulsiveness.

We counted 11 billionaires born under this zodiac sign. Leaders in terms of assets:

  • one of the three richest people in the world - Amancio Ortega - the owner of $ 63.6 billion;
  • Google’s famous co-founder Larry Page, “worth” $ 40.7 billion;
  • Mukesh Ambani, the wealthiest Indian, has a capital of $ 23.2 billion.

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As you can see, financial luck favors all signs of the zodiac. Every account holder with ten zeros can get into the coveted list.