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Zara Spring-Summer 2012: photos from the catalog

The Spanish brand Zara (Zara) recently unveiled its new catalog of women's clothing for the spring-summer 2012 season, which featured the popular model Saskia de Brauw. New from Zara is always greeted with delight and this time was no exception. In the new collection, you will find everything: from casual clothes in a casual style to models that are characterized by inexpressible elegance.

The creative team of Zara again proves that it constantly keeps up with the expectations of its customers, offering a bright kaleidoscope of various wardrobe elements and adapting the hottest trends and images from world podiums to everyday life. This is the key to the success of the brand among a huge number of people of different ages around the world.

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Despite the fact that Zara does not give all the surprises at once, but as always, it will please its admirers with monthly releases of collections, the general trends of Zara collections spring-summer 2012 we can show: black and white will become favorites of the season, last year’s minimalist trends will continue and This season, however, they will find a more refined and even chic look, and complex prints will not lose their relevance. And what else Zara is preparing for us this spring will be found in the next issues.

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