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Fashionable hair colors 2013: photos

What are they, fashionable hair colors 2013? The three main trends in hair dyeing in 2013 are the use of clean, bright, iridescent and most natural light shades, the use of unusual coloring techniques using several tones, as well as bright and effective, but at the same time slightly muted, unusual hair shades.

Every woman attaches great importance to how her hair looks, and the most avid fashionable women try not only to emphasize their appearance, but also to comply with all the fashion trends in hair dyeing. The new 2013 will delight lovers of experiments with hair with a variety of fashion trends, allowing the girl with any type of appearance to choose the right shade of hair.

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Wheat shades "blond": fashionable hair colors 2013

Popular in 2012, very light platinum shades of “blond” in 2013 will give way to the palm to softer and more natural shades from light golden, linseed and wheat to “borderline” with red tones of honey mustard and amber. The main feature of such hair shades is their maximum naturalness and the complete absence of a cold subtone, which allows you to create delicate and feminine images that go to all women without exception. Such famous beauties as Diana Kruger and Charlize Theron, have already paid attention to the new fashion trend and have given their hair a soft glow due to the wheat shades, although they used to prefer the cooler shades of “blond”.

A photo. Fashionable hair colors 2013: wheat shades "blond"

The fashion to emphasize the contours of the face with strands of hair on one or several tones is lighter or darker, only preference will be given to more unobtrusive variants of such coloring with staining of strands from the inside, so that they look as natural as possible on loose hair.

Soft coloring in two versions: fashionable hair colors 2013

Coloring, so popular in 2012, with darker hair roots, smoothly turning into light shades up to blond, will not lose its relevance in the coming year. Various variants of such coloring in wheat, light and dark blond shades are chosen by such celebrities as Ashley Tisdale, Lauren Conrad and Kate Beckinsale.

A photo. Fashionable hair colors 2013: soft coloring

Olivia Wilde, Rachel Bilson and the famous model Lily Aldridge prefer fashionable coloring in richer caramel and honey-barley sparkling hues, gradually turning into soft golden tones.

Also in the new year, the coloring “opposite” will be popular - from light roots to darker hair ends. Especially stylish and exquisitely similar painting looks on the hair shade "blond", as well as wheat, gold, amber and light reddish tones. The main cunning of creating fashionable images is the use of no more than 3-5 shades, which should seamlessly flow into each other, creating the most natural effect of hair, partially burned out in the sun. Such a stylish professional coloring recently made a recognized beauty Beyonce.

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