Unrequited love for a guy: 7 tips on what to do

How to be when you love a guy, but he does not reciprocate? Probably in this situation there were many. Unrequited love for a guy is the cause of suffering and complexes, which become an obstacle to achieving the goal - to win the favor of a loved one. What to do? A vicious circle emerges from which it is rather difficult to get out. But it's worth a try. These 7 simple tips will help you.

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What to do with an unrequited love for a guy?

  1. Do not make an idol.Often an unrequited girl in love idealizes her object of adoration. In her imagination, she creates the image of an ideal man, attributing to him nonexistent in reality features or exaggerating existing ones. By the way, this often leads to the fact that the girl begins to pursue her idol, showing him her feelings. Surely some guys are flattered by this behavior, but it will rather scare away many.
  2. There is a goal - no obstacles. Many pursuers perceive love as a challenge: “I will conquer it, no matter what!” Unfortunately, this position often does not bring the desired fruit. But only the girl understands it too late. It’s not for nothing that they say that prevention is better than cure, and true love has nothing to do with competition.
  3. Do not believe that he will change. Unresponsively in love, girls often fantasize about a joint future with their loved one, imagining that one day the object of adoration will change and be able to see a beautiful girl in the persecutor who he will love and will not want to part with her. As practice shows, this happens quite rarely, although, of course, there are exceptions. Would you like to be one of them? Then wait and wait.
  4. Love yourself.One of the main reasons pushing into the arms of a person who is not reciprocating is the lack of self-esteem and self-love. The fact is that a girl with complexes of unrequited love will constantly pursue, and therefore, in order to find true and mutual feelings, you must first of all love yourself.
  5. Keep on living.Unrequited love becomes the cause of abandoning their goals, communicating with friends, colleagues (after all, they are not connected with the hero of the novel), as well as a general decline, which immediately affects the appearance. This leads to a general dissatisfaction. What is very dangerous! Go out into the fresh air, go to a movie or a nightclub with friends, start going to the gym - and tighten your body and perhaps find a new object of sigh that will reciprocate.
  6. Look into the future. Each of us had a favorite toy in childhood, with which we never parted, but years passed and it was forgotten. So with unrequited love. Be sure you can forget your object of charm, if you switch to something else. Therefore, as often as possible, imagine your future, where there is no guy you are constantly dreaming about. Is it terrible or are you happy in it? Surely nothing terrible happened, and perhaps even the opposite.
  7. Avoid loneliness. Unrequited love, whether imagined or real, leads to loneliness, depression and sadness. To prevent this from happening, you need to communicate more, see your friends, tell them about your feelings towards an unattainable object. There is a high probability that they will give good advice on how to win love, or they will switch you to something else or someone else, thereby heal from the blues and sadness.

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Real feelings should not bring trouble and concern, and unrequited love is only a source of pain. So would it not be better to find someone who will love you as much as you love him? After all, harmony in a pair is a pledge of happy and strong relationships.