5 signals that the guy is no longer interested in you, even if you are together

Do you feel that your boyfriend is not interested in your life and is moving away from you? Most likely, this is true. Of course, you can reassure yourself that in each pair there are ups and downs, because even relationships are not normal, but still listen to your intuition. She rarely fails the fair sex. Pay attention to the signs that your boyfriend gives - he is always unhappy or very busy; even being close, he is far away; stopped sharing your emotions. We have gathered some evidence that your union is wrecked.

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5 signals that the guy is no longer interested in your life

  1. He stopped being jealous. Relationships are built on trust, and manipulating a loved one, making him jealous, is certainly low, but, on the other hand, jealousy is an indication that you are not indifferent to him. Perhaps he will not make violent scenes of jealousy, but the expression on his face will surely give out dissatisfaction after the phrase you mentioned about the other guy - this is a natural reaction of a person who has feelings for you. By the way, the guy who decided to leave, will even be happy with this state of affairs, because if you have another, then it will be easier for him to leave, using this information as an excuse for leaving.
  2. He spends less time with you. If you began to notice that he was always busy with something - meeting with a friend, football, beer with colleagues, etc., and he more and more often refused to accept your offers to spend the weekend together, have a dinner or go to the movies together. worth thinking about the reasons. Perhaps he felt uncomfortable with you. It is better to talk about it, so that one day you will not be alone with a note in his hands that he was gone forever. By the way, his constant choice in favor of collective gatherings with your friends together, instead of a romantic dinner together, should also alert ...
  3. He does not want to make plans for the future.Previously, you planned to spend a vacation together, but now, when you start talking about him, your boyfriend is only silent. This alarm bell, most likely, he does not want anything to have with you. Of course, you can find an excuse for him that he has financial problems, but he hides them from you so as not to upset him. However, if a guy constantly refuses your invitations to visit or simply does not come, without explaining anything, then the fact remains that he cannot tell you directly that he wants to leave.
  4. He does not share his feelings and emotions. In a normal relationship, it is natural to share your feelings for the day, and it was so before - your boyfriend always talked about the events that happened to him during the day, but now a wall has grown between you. Even if you start asking him questions about how he spent his time, you will also receive silence in response. In this question it is better not to pull and ask directly what happened? After all, his passivity in communication is a sign that he does not want to bind himself with obligations, which leads to a break.
  5. He avoids intimacy with you. Losing the desire for a partner is not a new topic, so you should not think that this is the end of a relationship. Perhaps he had some problems from which he wants to save you, but they prevent him from relaxing. However, if earlier you were constantly hugging, kissing, and now he doesn’t even have a desire to touch you - moves away or moves away when you are pressed against him, then this is the first sign that he has another one or he is tired of you.

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If you receive the above signals from your partner, then it's time to talk with him. Perhaps by talking, you can fix something to restore his interest in yourself again. However, it may be too late to do something, then after the conversation you will at least dot the e and start your life from a new page.