The 3 most unhappy zodiac signs in 2019

Will the year 2019 be simple and comfortable for life? Astrology says it will be different. Someone will be luckier, someone will be forced to dole-up ... And one of the most exciting questions is what the most unfortunate signs of the zodiac in 2019 are. Fortunately, no one will be truly unhappy during this period, because a certain degree of positive is present in the horoscope of each of the signs. Therefore, we simply single out those representatives of the zodiacal pantheon, whom it is desirable to think about some aspects of their horoscope in order to avoid annoying mistakes in 2019.

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The most miserable zodiac signs in 2019

Twins: Implicit Perspectives

In 2019, Gemini will experience the influence of opposition Jupiter. This can be expressed in a number of unpleasant moments - in the occurrence of legal difficulties, in material problems, in difficulties in relations with their surroundings. All this, of course, is not conducive to prosperity and quick success. However, this influence is not fatal and quite surmountable. What is needed is caution in statements and actions, as well as worldly wisdom. Twins, who will behave in this way, may not be afraid of critical problems. They will live in 2019 relatively stable and on a normal positive. Just from time to time they will have a feeling that events cannot be predicted.

At the beginning of the year (January-February), Gemini should be careful, since during this period Uranus will actively influence them. The impact of this is expressed in the fact that representatives of the sign of Gemini will be in the zone of emotional turbulence. They will have a feeling that changes are occurring, and it is unclear whether they will turn out to be positive or not. There will be no greater reason for fear of something here, because the influence of Uranus as a whole will be positive. However, the uncertainty can be disturbing, forcing you to take the wrong steps and say the wrong words. So start their lives in 2019, it is desirable to them with an inner spirit of optimism and joyful perception of reality.

Cancer: Unwarranted Expectations

The problem for the Rakov in 2019 will be their fantasies. And trying to persuade them not to build utopian plans, not to soar in the clouds, etc., is meaningless, because they will be influenced by the influence of retrograde Neptune, which they will feel throughout the second half of the year. However, in this case it is possible to argue that the glass is half empty and at the same time half full. Indeed, in the first half of the year this influence will not be! So it's not bad at all.

At the end of the year (December), the negative impact of Jupiter will be added to the opposition of Neptune. This will increase the risk of errors and external obstacles. And in order to level the negatives of the planets, during this period, Cancers are recommended to “lie low” and not take responsible decisions, not to start new projects, not to make major purchases.

Among other things, Uranus in opposition will act on Rakov. This could also potentially create life difficulties for them. However, they are also quite possible to avoid. To do this, you should try to avoid the underlined demonstration of their individuality, as well as such manifestations of character as ambitiousness and pride.

Capricorn: forced change

In the spring (late April) Saturn for Capricorns will be retrograde. This planet, which is their patron, in the period until mid-September will affect them hard, forcing them to have doubts, temptations, a desire to speak more than to do. And this means the likelihood of making wrong decisions, as well as situations that can spoil the image. Therefore, Capricorns at this time should be extremely collected and attentive, so as not to do something about which later will have to regret.

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Voltage moments can create days when solar eclipses will occur in the sign of Capricorn. This will happen twice - January 6th, and then at the end of the year, December 26th. These days and the next few days before and after eclipses are able to bring a lot of problems into life of Capricorns if they do not refrain from active activities. In order to avoid them, people of this sign are advised not to participate in affairs containing an element of risk, not to travel (especially long-distance ones), and not to sign important papers. Better in those periods to attract reading, the study of useful information on applied activities (for example, in the garden).