Top 5 best husbands on the sign of the zodiac

A faithful family man, a successful businessman, prudent owner, unsurpassed romantic. The list of women's demands for a strong half is in fact endless, but these are the leaders. Yes, to find the only one that would correspond to the listed parameters is not easy. Someone is lucky, and someone in the process of a long search is disappointed in men, refuses to think about marriage. Are you determined to get married? Limit the search for worthy candidates! Stars will tell who they are - the best husbands on the sign of the zodiac. Let's look at the horoscope and choose the TOP-5 leaders.

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Best Husbands by Zodiac Sign

5th place - Aries

The main advantages of this sign are masculinity, passionate passion, irrepressible romanticism, swan devotion. Do you want to turn life into a timeless candy-bouquet period? Feel free to fall in love with Aries. Just remember, a beautiful relationship will last exactly as long as it is burning with passion. To keep the flame going, find out what your ideal macho woman is, and match it. But refrain from criticism, otherwise the chosen one will run away.

4th place - Cancer

This sign is suitable for women who seek to find their happiness in a quiet comfortable family harbor. Husband - darling will take care, indulge with gifts, do everything possible so that the family lived in prosperity. But all to the best of their own practicality. And get ready for the fact that male crayfish, as a rule, are rather messy in everyday life. To blame them for this is to hurt a tender soul.

3rd place - Fish

Option for strong and powerful women. The main advantage of male fish is the ability to truly love, disinterestedly, but they need to be managed. If possible, you will have a comfortable future and excellent intimate relationships. Among the shortcomings - the constant desire to drive "left". What can you do, loyalty - the weakest trait of Pisces.

2nd place - Capricorn

If among the potential suitors there are representatives of this zodiacal constellation, forget about the other candidates, immediately prepare the rings and drag them under the crown. But keep in mind, charismatic, smart, funny, economic Capricorns - a magnet for women. Husband will always have something to enthrall and perplex, otherwise piranha competitors will be led away. However, such men can do everything, if they are properly motivated.

1st place - Virgo

Here they are - the best husbands on the sign of the zodiac. Idealists in the literal sense of the term. For that they do not take it, everything turns out for them: a career at a height, the house is a full bowl. Virgo men are not averse to cooking, or cleaning, or raising children. Bring any case to the perfect ending. You ask, where is the notorious "fly in the ointment"? We answer: in the choice of the chosen one. They just do not want to marry. Astrologers suggest to young ladies: if you want a stamp in your passport, step on the throat of your own vanity, beat on pity (this is the Achilles heel of the Dev).

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These are the surprises we have prepared horoscopes. But it is not enough just to know who the best husbands are by the sign of the zodiac. Information needs to be analyzed, further studied the compatibility options, to try on all the pros and cons. Well, and then start looking for happiness.