7 things men do when they don't want to marry

Why men do not want to marry? Often, women who have a long life with a man begin to create illusions about future stable and long-term relationships. However, not all of the representatives of the stronger sex are ready to start a family, even if they have a regular partner. So how to determine whether the intentions of a loved one are serious, or does he not even think about a family? It is necessary to look at his behavior.

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What do men do when they don't want to marry

  1. Tries to change you. If you constantly hear such phrases as “Darling, and you didn’t think to sign up in the gym?” a book that my friend recommended? She has already read everything. ”In a word, he consistently tries to remake you, as if to fit under some of his ideal. Of course, it is not bad that your man seeks to make you better, but, on the other hand, his words can also be perceived as an attempt to destroy individuality in you. If his comments in relation to you are pouring out of a horn of plenty, then you should think about it, maybe you are not satisfied with it.
  2. You have the whole household.Of course, you know better than him where towels, spoons and forks lie in the house, and also how tasty it is to cook soup, but his ignorance does not exempt from helping to help around the house. In harmonious relationships, partners support each other in everything, and a loving person does just that.
  3. Never pays for you. If your relationship is so custom that everyone is paying for themselves, then this is your business. But those who love, at least sometimes have to pay for the purchase of food or a trip to a restaurant on their own. Such behavior is some recognition of the value of one person by another. A man who believes that the second half, constantly taking their own expenses on themselves, is the norm, does not respect her, and therefore, about the joint future and should not talk.
  4. Itself never calls the first. Of course, in the 21st century there is nothing reprehensible if a woman takes the initiative in her own hands and calls or writes to her man. However, if this happens all the time, then it is worth considering whether he is interested in your relationship?
  5. You can't count on him. In a pair of partners, they always count on each other, this concerns both financial and personal issues. But, if you, even being in a relationship, cannot rely on your man, the question arises, why is this happening? Perhaps he simply does not need you.
  6. Waiting for your apology.After a conflict has arisen, you are always the first to go on a truce, even if you are sure that he is wrong? A person who wants to spend the rest of his life with you will not do that - he will surely make peace, and will not sulk for days.
  7. He does not support you.Everyone has their own goal, and it is very important that the one who can support on the way to achieve it is to give a hand when you stumble, or give hope in moments of doubt. If your man is indifferent to your goals, then this is a sign that he is indifferent to you.

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In short, the behavior of a loved one can tell a lot about his plans for the future. If he tries to conform to your ideas about a real man, and also actively participates in your life, follows your advice and you are sure that you can always rely on him, this indicates that he hopes for a long and serious relationship with you. . If your man leads a distant lifestyle, not delving into your affairs and problems, even if you constantly try to share them with him, then rather put a fat point in your relationship. After all, a harmonious union should give happiness!