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Top 10 fashion trends fall-winter 2018-2019


The main fashion trends of autumn-winter 2018-2019 in clothes can not be called innovative, but they can be both used separately and combined with each other and get stylish and original images. I am glad that the designers of fashion houses thought about the convenience of dresses and allowed the fashionable women of this autumn to look beautiful and feel comfortable. So, what has fashionable autumn 2018 prepared for us?

Main fashion trends fall-winter 2018-2019

1. Layering

Perhaps you can even call this trend hyper-layer. On the catwalks of fashion shows in Milan, Paris and London one could see complex multi-layered outfits, which were distinguished by a non-trivial combination of textures - smooth skin and fluffy fur, thin chiffon and textured tweed. You can go along the standard path and combine shirts with pullovers and blazers, and leather jackets with a coat, or you can take a risk and create a custom textile “cake”, looking at the harmonious combination of shades and cut.

2. Faux fur

The movement of nature conservationists made a significant contribution to the development of the fashion industry. Now natural fur has ceased to be an attribute of luxury and style, now it is rather a sign of bad taste and empty vanity. But fashionistas do not have to be bored, because the manufacturers of faux fur offer a variety of options - from a very natural imitation of sable or fox fur to deliberately toy options, popularly called “cheburashka fur”. So feel free to buy for this fall a bright fur coat made of colored synthetic fur and wear it with clothes of any style.

3. Poncho and capes

This item of clothing was already popular a couple of years ago and now they are back. Poncho, capes and capes of the most different styles and sizes appeared in almost every fashion show of flagships. Cozy and spacious, these things seem to be created for cool autumn days, and you can wear them in different ways: throwing it on top like a raincoat, tying it with a belt or draping it on shoulders like a tippet. Please note that this season, capes and ponchos can even be used in sports.

4. Savile Row Prints

Stylish plaid motifs, so popular last season, have not disappeared anywhere. On the contrary, this trend is gaining momentum. Patterns in the style of Savile Row filled fashion podiums, decorating costumes, coats and even dresses. Savile Row is a famous London street with the most famous and luxurious tailors for men's clothing. And it was they who presented the world with stylish aristocratic designs like Christmas trees, glenchek or cages. The deliberate masculinity of such fabrics is perfectly complemented by feminine styles and eye-catching accessories.

5. Ethnic motives

And, as usual, many designers turned to the roots, adding an ethno-note to their creations. Unconditional favorites for this fall season are ethnic prints - Turkish “cucumbers”, North American geometric motifs, Asian flowers and Indian ornaments. To create a catchy image, you can combine different folk patterns in one ensemble, and for more relaxed combinations, bright and motley ethnic patterns are well combined with clothes and accessories of a natural range - brown, beige, green, burgundy shades. A win-win purchase for the fashionable wardrobe of the fall-2018 - poncho or cape in ethnic style.

6. Futurism

The conquest of Mars, travel to space and the achievements of modern technologies inspired designers to create fashionable images in a futuristic style. Glass and plastic, transparent cellophane and incredible asymmetrical styles were added to the popular silver fabrics and glossy materials. Rustling capes, raincoats and jackets of metallic color, transparent plastic bags and shoes, large geometric shapes jewelry are all components of an image of a bold and modern girl, but more modest women of fashion can try on every day shoes or bags of metal color or transparent plastic jewelry.

7. The return of the 80s

And the stormy 80s with their acidic colors, animal prints, plenty of glitter and sequins and hypertrophied lines in silhouette became the most quoted fashionable epoch. Of course, many are horrified. Remembering neon leggings and ultra-shiny shiny dresses. But on closer examination, elements of the eighties in modern images can be quite wearable. For example, jackets with wide shoulders are perfectly combined with “mom” jeans, and a mini dress made of shiny fabric will be an excellent option for a party.

8. Overseas

And again, the volume and large sizes come to us in the cold season. Blown jackets and spacious coats, wide denim jackets, leather jackets and coats, such as from someone else’s shoulder, help to create cozy warm images. Bulky sweaters and cardigans, wide trousers and spacious loose-fitting dresses are perfect for every day, and wide jackets and large down jackets allow you to create multi-layered images for cold autumn days.

9. Balaclava

Another significant trend, this time in the field of accessories, is balaclava. Knitted and knitted helmets were seen at fashion shows such as Chanel, Calvin Klein and Balenciaga. They look a bit unusual, but they are excellent for cold pores. In addition, a fashionable balaclava of a neutral shade can be combined with a sports jacket, and with a voluminous down jacket, and with a classic coat.

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10. Logomania

Love for logos does not subside, but is becoming increasingly popular. Even the most brand-resistant brands have completed their outfits with belts, glasses and bags with large images of their characters. And, if earlier the name of the brand on a sweatshirt on the whole back or a bag with accessories in the shape of letters was considered bad taste, now this is a fashionable statement. Now such things are more likely a demonstration of a light and ironic attitude towards brands than a desire to boast of expensive clothes. So feel free to buy clothes and accessories with large logos and skillfully combine them with more neutral things.