How to make plasticine beautiful animals, birds and insects: MK in stages with photos


All children dream of a pet, but some parents for some reason cannot afford to have a pet. However, no one bothers adults to make it plasticine. Moreover, we will be able to teach everyone who wants to learn how to make beautiful animals, birds and insects from plasticine: MK will help you in this step by step with a photo. Thanks to the detailed instructions make it easy and simple. A whole zoo will appear in your house, which will surely please the baby.

How to make clay from animals, birds and insects

Sculpting from plasticine is not just a great pleasure, but also a great way to study with the children of the animal world in an unobtrusive game form. The main thing is to know how to make animals, birds and insects from clay so that they are as close to living as possible. In addition, do not forget about the usefulness of collective creativity with a crumb - positive emotions are guaranteed to the whole family!

How to make a plasticine puppy: animal classes in stages with photos

You do not know how to make a plasticine puppy? On our website you will find detailed instructions with photos on how to do this easily and simply.

How to make a plasticine frog: master classes of animals in stages with photos

Want to make a plasticine frog? There is nothing difficult: we will provide a detailed guide for creating a plasticine amphibian.

How to make a plasticine hare: animal workshops in stages with photos

Sculpting from plasticine of a hare is entertaining and fascinating. Therefore, everyone who wants to learn how to do this will benefit from our master class with vivid photos and a detailed description. With us you will succeed.

Hedgehog of chestnuts and clay. Children's crafts from natural materials

Do not know what to do with a child in the autumn cold evenings? Make a beautiful hedgehog from plasticine and chestnut, using the photo and detailed instructions offered on our website.

Owl from plasticine do it yourself. Step-by-step lesson on modeling for children

We suggest you together with your child to make a bright plasticine owl. Let her settle in your home and become the favorite symbolizing wisdom and peace.

Red Dog plasticine do-it-yourself: children's handicraft

Reddish plasticine dog looks perky and fun. It means that your baby will surely like it. You can also find a detailed guide on its creation on our website.

Plasticine kitten - children's crafts: a lesson with step by step photos

How to make a plasticine kitten, you can learn in a phased photo lesson on our website. Your child will love this cute animal at first sight.

Butterfly made of plasticine - children's crafts: a master class with photos

Do you want to make a plasticine butterfly together with a child? We offer the simplest and at the same time original way of modeling a bright and gentle insect. You'll like it.

Horse made of clay: DIY crafts with your own hands

The fascinating process of modeling clay not only captures children, but also adults. As a plot for joint modeling, we offer a master class on creating a pretty plasticine horse.

How to make a hedgehog from cones

Hedgehog from cones - one of the most popular crafts. How to do it, you can think of it yourself, but on our website you will find detailed instructions with photos, which will greatly facilitate the task.

How to make cartoon characters from plasticine? Animals and Birds

Each child just loves to watch cartoons, so if he has the opportunity to make favorite characters with his own hands, there will be no joy. But the kid cannot do without the help of parents, which means that an adult needs to prepare and study in detail how to make cartoon characters from plasticine before this important task. Animals and birds - cartoon characters are prototypes of the representatives of the ordinary animal world, therefore, it is a little easier to create them. But with fictional characters will have to tinker, but if desired, and this becomes possible. Thanks to the master class on our website, this will be easy and simple.

Peppa Pig of plasticine do-it-yourself: a lesson step by step with photos

Peppa Pig is the favorite of all babies, so everyone wants to have it at home. We decided to help parents fulfill their childhood dream and offer a master class on how to mold Peppu's mumps out of clay.