10 ways to understand that your man is lying

Almost all women from time to time doubt their man, so the psychology of the fair sex is arranged. Therefore, it is so important to understand whether their suspicions are far-fetched or there is a reason for worrying. How to understand that a man is lying? Psychologists have identified several aspects of the recognition of lies. One of the most important is human behavior. So, talk to your beloved man and carefully observe his reaction.

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How to understand that your man is lying

  1. Confused. Ask him questions and look at the speed of his reaction. If he answers quickly and clearly, then this is true, as it does not require reflection. But for a lie will require a couple of minutes. The fact is that when a person is caught, he does not know how to behave, so he wriggles out as he can. He stretches the words, breathes heavily, even speaks using interjections.
  2. He insults or attacks. The typical reaction of a person caught lying is to attack the accuser. If you give him evidence of his deception, he can continue the conversation in a raised voice, perhaps even making you guilty. Give up is not worth it. Wait for him to scream, and continue the conversation.
  3. Change the subject. Classics of the genre - a person who wants to hide the deception, will pretend not to hear the question, or to transfer the conversation to another channel, to something more important. For example, you ask him why he didn’t answer your calls yesterday, and he wondered how many people would buy tickets for the theater premiere. Answer him, but do not lose the conversation thread - again ask the previous question about your yesterday's calls.
  4. Emotions going wild. If you have accused him of being deceiving, he will be surprised or lamented for a very long time, so long that it becomes suspicious. The fact is that, according to research scientists, sincere emotions usually last no more than 10 minutes, then they are replaced. If your man is indignant for half an hour, how could you not believe him, then think, perhaps you are right in your suspicions.
  5. To cause a sense of guilt in you. When a man realizes that he has been caught in a lie, he begins to put pressure on you with such statements as “Don't you believe me?”, “Do you think that I am a deceiver? Great! ”So he wants to make you feel guilty. If you succumb to his manipulations, you can be a fool, and not knowing the truth. Try not to notice his accusations, insisting on a frank conversation.
  6. Repeats your question. Thus, he wants to gain time for reflection in search of a "truthful" answer. Remember how you yourself behaved at the exam, when the teacher began to ask further. Surely, in the same way, in the hope of hearing a hint or have time to "dig" in my head.
  7. Laughs off If, instead of a direct answer, a man begins to humor, then this is the first sign that he is trying to hide reliable information or he simply does not have the desire to tell the truth. Laugh and continue the conversation in a serious way.
  8. He speaks long and flowery. You can honestly answer with a few words. If a man says a lot, with digressions, then the fact is - he wants to divert the conversation as far as possible from the question you are asking. Do not give up - listen to his essay and again ask your question.
  9. Confusion. If you ask a man to repeat his story again, in the event of a lie on his part, there will be inconsistencies in the story. The fact is that a person remembers most often not only what he said, but also what he saw. And, if he can still remember the fictitious picture, then what was said, alas, no.
  10. Do not want to talk.If a man shies away from a conversation, then be sure he has something to hide. Therefore, either you take him out to clear water, or let him continue to play in silence alone.

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Of course, all these are just generalized behaviors of a man who lies. You should not categorically accuse him of fraud. Perhaps he is now in a difficult period, about which he would not like to talk to you, so as not to burden his own problems. Give him time. If after that he continues to behave this way, then you can take matters into your own hands.