10 types of men, from which it is better to stay away

All women know that there is no ideal man, therefore they choose those who seem to be better than others for their companions. However, there is a series of guys who are best avoided, even if they are attractive and insanely charming. After all, very often a rather unpleasant person can be hidden behind the external mask of a cute and lovely person. Therefore, for your own good, you must be careful in choosing the second half. Of course, this does not mean that you will have to hold castings in several rounds, in this situation it is still better to trust your heart, but not forgetting to include your head. So, here are some guys you should not mess with.

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Types of men best kept away from

  1. Narcissus. At the beginning of a relationship, you can feel yourself as the center of his universe, it seems that he was waiting only for you, therefore he enjoys every moment spent together with you, he fulfills all your requests and foresees all desires. But very soon he turns into a capricious person, who makes your life a complete hell - from your side he is waiting only for his admiration and the deification of his personality. To recognize it, you need to carefully look at your chosen one. He always watches his image of an ideal man, does everything to please everyone, but at the same time he constantly criticizes everyone for his eyes. He thinks only of himself, regardless of the desires and opinions of others.
  2. Not free man. He may be an incredibly attractive guy with an ideal character and lots of positive qualities, but there is still a big drawback in him - he is not free. And even if this super guy says that he is forced to live with his wife just for the sake of the child or because of her illness (men are still those inventors), but very soon everything will end and you will be together, do not believe him. Especially if his promises have been lasting for several months. The fact is that it is just convenient for a man to lead two parallel lives at the same time, where he is loved and appreciated, waited and believed. He will never part with his soulmate because of you, with whom it is so nice and easy to spend time, disconnecting from everyday problems. And even if it suddenly happens that you achieve your goal, then you should not discount the possibility of betraying them in the future. Have you ever thought that maybe your man does not imagine his life differently?
  3. Sissy. His mother is perfect, and he does everything best, cooks, sews, knits, understands people, etc., therefore he always runs to him for advice or complain about his problems, asks him what to do and what is best to eat. and wear. In short, it is the best of the best. This unearthly love for the mother is most often explained by his immaturity, the inability to cope with his problems on his own. Perhaps some woman will be able to subdue him if she can play the role of his mother. But do you want to be her?
  4. Mr Perfection. Yes, at the beginning of the article it was said that there are no ideal people, so be careful with those who are trying to prove the opposite at any cost. Most likely, this is a pretense. For the most part, the one who seems perfect is a prototype of a daffodil. Therefore, first of all, pay attention to his behavior with other people in those situations that do not concern you when he does not want to impress you. Only then can you see his true face.
  5. Eternal Peter Pan. His life is full of adventures, he adores freedom, carefree and reckless, cheerful and very positive. These qualities attract women. But he will never be ready for a serious relationship. And if you think that you can redo it, then do not even try, it still does not work. The only advantage of this male type is that he never hides his sincere intentions, as Narcissus does, in order to achieve the desired goal. With it you can not count on romance, but passion will be above the norm.
  6. Champion offense. He does everything to make you feel constantly guilty. As a rule, his tactic is to avoid direct confrontation, but to create an environment so that you understand that you were wrong. Moreover, he will never tell about his insult, you will have to guess by his look, silence, a twisted face, or a complete ignorance of you. If you want your whole life to depend on his mood, you can fearlessly associate your fate with him.
  7. Pathological liar. Such a person can destroy your life, because you will constantly doubt his words, which means you can not create a healthy relationship. Therefore, at the first lie, it is better to immediately break with him, because if he is used to lying during the game or embellishing reality during his stories, he will behave constantly. He deceives all the time - about his past, about the reasons for not being able to fulfill your request, about his lateness, and therefore about his feelings for you. In time, you will become suspicious of him, knowing his weakness for lies.
  8. Don Juan. This is the most dangerous type of men. He is full of virtues - financially secure, cheerful, sociable, looks great and very courteous. However, do not think that you caught the bird of happiness. He has a huge drawback - he is a relationship collector. Such a man can not be constantly with one partner, he needs a constant change of scenery. As soon as you start making joint plans, he will immediately fly out and fly in search of a new passion. Be careful with such men, you will not keep him, but he hurt your soul.
  9. Egoist. He is inattentive to the needs of his partner and will strive to put himself above all. Pay attention to how he behaves with others. If he has neither kindness, nor politeness, but only arrogance and arrogance, then he will treat you the same way - the behavior of a spoiled child. You will have to sacrifice your principles and goals in order to avoid his eternal discontent. Although, if you are used to being in the shadows, to become a silent slave for your sultan, then you will definitely find a common language with such a man.
  10. Aggressor. If you meet a person who does not know how to control his anger, is jealous, harsh and disrespectful, then you need to quickly run away from him and as far as possible. Such a man always dominates, moreover, does it in an aggressive form. Physical abuse is also possible. You become a victim for him, which he has the right to torment. Forget with him about his career, personal time, girlfriends and friends, perhaps he will forbid you even to communicate with his relatives if he does not like them. Your place will be - to sit at home, wait for the faithful and demolish his eternal mockery, shouts and assault.

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After examining the types of men, from whom it is better to stay away, we can draw the following conclusion: such representatives of the stronger sex can have a lot of positive qualities, but everything positive that they have, at the time of crossing out their behavior. There is no beautiful and harmonious relationship with them, so you need to abandon communication with such a man as early as possible, otherwise you can turn your life into a solid hell.