The happiest signs of the zodiac in 2019

2019 promises to be a time full of events, full of emotions. We will definitely not have to miss this period. But the question is: how will the events taking place and the emotions experienced by people be “painted”? Of course, this directly depends on the location of the stars and planets above each of the constellations of the Zodiac. And, if in some cases such a “coloring” is positive, as they say, 50 to 50, then there are a few signs that can be called true elects of Fortune. So, here they are - the happiest signs of the zodiac in 2019 ...

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The happiest signs of the zodiac in 2019 - the most detailed description

Thrice lucky Aries

Aries in 2019 will be favored by Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. Jupiter will be able to send people of this sign to the right place at the right time, so that they are more likely to be in the best circumstances for themselves. Saturn will help in finding answers to the most important questions for life. Venus will give Aries tremendous opportunities for the device of personal happiness.

Next year, Aries can, if they wish, make a lot of interesting trips, expand their prospects, and improve their financial situation. And for the success of the last (finance) representatives of this sign, it makes sense to start taking feasible steps as early as this year. Such a recommendation is connected with the fact that Aries will achieve the greatest result in projects that they will start now.

Promising Lion

For Lviv, the year 2019 will be marked by a significant expansion of the horizons of opportunities. They will be able to set themselves new, disproportionately large (than so far) goals, formulate strategic objectives and identify a range of concerns that are already relevant in the near future. We can assume that these 365 days will be a time for them to qualitatively improve life in all its relations.

Jupiter will help ensure that the Lions receive in time the fruits of their efforts and deserved recognition. Uranus will help Leo more to reveal their own individuality, which will also be a great help for them at the right moments. In addition, for Lviv next year will be a test of their will and determination in moving forward; moreover, it must be admitted that they will pass this life test with honor.

Favorite Libra

Scales in 2019 will feel much freer than before. Jupiter will give them a lot of chances to feel like the true masters of life. This means that Libra will not have to wait for favorable moments; they will often be quite clearly aware that they themselves are free to create them.

Over the next 365 days, many Libra will change the basic conditions for their existence. But it will be enough for them to maintain a sense of optimism in themselves so that the difficulties would recede. This feature will provide Libra Saturn, who wants to favor those of them who keep from demonstrating despondency and impatience. And one more important moment: in 2019, Uranus will lift the "blockade" of his opposition from Libra. This will allow them to experience a terrific sense of liberation, which, as it were, has no basis whatsoever, but instills ease and great positive.

Lucky Sagittarius

Sagittarius will be allowed to take risks, to create new projects, which until then they could only dream of. People of this sign will be able to surprisingly accurately feel the circumstances and keep pace with them, avoiding failures and annoying surprises. All this wealth will give them Jupiter, for which Sagittarius will become a real favorite.

At the beginning of the year, fate will turn its face to Sagittarius thanks to the influence of Uranus. At this time, they should rely on luck, which will arise for them from a completely unexpected side. However, luck in this case will not necessarily be something that turns life. It is more likely that it will turn into small amenities; but since there will be a whole series of them, they most likely will not pass unnoticed and will remain a very pleasant memory afterwards.

The minion of fortune Aquarius

Aquarius will have many opportunities to experience a sense of self-confidence and optimism "without impurities." In 2019, many hopes will be met by representatives of this sign. It is this potential that promises Aquarius a generous Jupiter, which from a strict astral "tutor" for this period will turn into a valuable assistant.

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Aquarius in the coming 365 days is recommended to boldly and consistently defend their principles and strive to implement their own ideas. Those of them who follow this advice will be able to count on the support of Uranus, who will unequivocally welcome a similar approach to life. In addition, the Aquarius will have another astrological ally - Saturn. He will push them to create deep internal structures that will transform their personal basis. And this, in turn, will be able to contribute to the successful search for oneself in this world, one’s purpose and an understanding of true life goals.